The time has come…

Hello my beautiful love buggins!  Yes, that’s right.  The time has come for me to announce this months giveaway.  I have been working diligently on a recipe for a solid perfume that won’t melt in the summer heat. Well I finally perfected it!  I tested this by leaving it in my car during a 98 degree day here in Ga.  And while it did get a bit softer than it was, it wasn’t even close to melting.  YAY!  Can we all say SUCCESS??!! 

In case you didn’t notice, I’m a bit stoked about this.  My first few attempts were good but definitely too soft to survive shipping during the summer months.  I am in love with solid perfumes for several reasons.  The main reason being I can put them in my purse and take them anywhere.  They are small and don’t take up much room and they won’t ever leak out of a bottle all over my purse and the contents therein. 

I was going to post a picture of it, but my camera has dead batteries.  I guess it’s all the pictures I took yesterday.  So I’ll have to give you a visual tomorrow.  So on to the giveaway info.  This months giveaway is a bar of my summer citrus soap and a solid perfume. 

The rules to play the game are the same as always.  Leave a comment on the blog within the next week.  On July 22nd I’ll pick a winner.  If you don’t have a link in your signature for me to get in touch with you, please feel free to email me and let me know you entered.  If you win I’ll email you.  If you have a link in your siggy I’ll post there to let you know.  I’ll also post the winner here. 

Good Luck to everyone and let the game begin!  🙂 

P.S.  In case nobody told you today, you are a strikingly beautiful and magnificently made creature.  I’m also digging the orange/hot pink aura thing you have goin on tonight.  Groovy!


Just because is enough of a reason.

Hi groovy peeps!  Tonight as I created a Just Because handmade card for the J a day.  As I was working on this card I thought of all the different reasons we send cards to people.  Sometimes it’s a get well, or a sympathy card.  More often it’s birthday or valentines or some other milestone in someone’s life.  I always enjoy getting cards, but the ones that I love the most are the ones that I get just because.  I realized that there are several people in my life who I need to send a card too just because.  I’m going to change that this week.  Are there people in your life who need to hear how special they are?  Are YOU one of those people?  If so, I highly recommend doing something that makes you happy JUST BECAUSE! 

J81 Just Because Card J

This little card is made out of an altered piece of file folder.  I gesso’d it then painted it a creamy brown color.  Next I added the strips of paper.  I also added some lace, a glittered button and the little lace flowers with beads.  I think it’s kinda cute. 

Now just one more thing I want to tell you.  You are FABULOUS, STUPENDOUS and MAGNIFICENT!  And I’m telling you that….Just Because.