Pink Monkey’s and Green Gecko’s

Hello my fellow people lovers!  I hope you’ve had a most delicious and fabulous weekend.  Mine was quite interesting.  I’ve been working on a series of dancing pigs for my website.  None of them are finished yet but they are all in the works.  While I was researching dancing and dancers I ran across so many different images.  I decided to paint a couple of these idea’s as J’s for the St. Jude’s project.  This first picture is the pink monkey J from yesterday.  She doesn’t seem too upset with me that she had to wait for the camera batteries to charge.  I painted her pink just because I love pink and I think it would be cool if we had pink monkeys in the world.  Since we don’t, I just added one to mine.  hehe

J113 Pink Monkey J

 I need a name for this little girl.  If you leave a comment with a name and I pick that name I will send you a free solid perfume of your choice.  🙂  Who wants to play? 

This second pic is of the green gecko I painted today.  I love him.  I used to include little blue gecko’s in most of my paintings.  I’m not really sure when or why I stopped doing that.  It was fun and often they were very difficult to spot in my larger works.  Perhaps I should begin to include them again.  I named this lil guy Grayson.  I think he’s pretty groovy.

J114 Grayson Gecko J

 I can’t believe that we’re coming up on the 125 J’s mark already!  It seems like just yesterday I began this project.  I’ve decided that I’m going to do another giveaway to celebrate.  I will be posting the giveaway with J125 so stay tuned!  I’m going to do they same thing I did last time to pick the winner.  All those who leave comments the week after the giveaway announcement will have their name put into a hat.  The winner will be drawn and posted here.  I hope y’all will all participate again.  I had so much fun with the last one and it makes me smile to know that my work goes to live with people who read my blog and follow my art.  Y’all ROCK by the way.  Just sayin. 

Tomorrow I will be posting some pics of some of the solid cologne I’ve been working on.  I’m having so much fun making them and the two new mens scents are seriously drool worthy!  NOM!  Have a wonderful night and don’t forget to hug your most magnificent self before sleep.  Thank you for blessing me with your visits and your emails.  I don’t know how I got to lucky to have all of you in my life but I’ll take it!


Small Little Secrets in a box

Hello my twinkling stars!  How are things in your world today?  I hope they are fabulous!  Good times here in Ga. today.  The weather was lovely, albeit a bit chilly.  Still, the sun was out and it was gorgeous.  We had a bit of adventure early this morning.  The wonder dog decided that she was tired of watching the squirrels that live in the tree across the parking lot from my apt.  She dragged me over to say hello.  She is still quite confused at the mass exodus that took place as she went barreling towards them.  Poor wonder dog.

I got a good bit accomplished today on the artistic front.  I finished this little trinket box that is tonight’s J.  I love it because it’s the perfect place to hide little trinkets or other secret things.  I had downloaded this antique picture of this sweet little girl ages ago.  I loved her but I couldn’t figure out how to use the image.  When I make these boxes I usually add three dimensional items since it is a shadow box on top.  This time I decided to use her image.  I love the effect.  I painted the green J’s along the corners and then added the swarvoski crystals to add just a little sparkle.  I love how it turned out.

J80 Little Secrets Box J

J80 Little Secrets Box Closeup

I think when it’s time for the art show I’m going to tuck some little something into this box as a surprise for the buyer.  I’ve been doing a lot of thinking this week about this project.  I’m really getting excited at the prospect of raising money with my art.  Right now I’m working on a canvas with an angel, a canvas with a pig and a flower-pot.  It’s going to be a wonderful mix of pieces and I’m hoping to appeal to many different tastes.  I want to thank y’all for emailing me and commenting with your words of encouragement. 

I am a very upbeat person and I believe in sowing seeds of love, light and laughter into other people’s lives.  Sometimes as an artist you wonder if anyone is watching or if they care.  I think a lot of that comes from the isolation that is necessary to work.  I just wanted y’all to know how much your encouragement means to me.  There are days when it truly is my source of strength to keep going no matter what.  You’re the best!  Thank you.  Give yourself a big hug for me!

Easter Eggs for Healing

Hello all you jazzy junebugs!  It’s so good to see you again.  It has rained here all day today.  I love the rain and the thunder.  The wonder dog is not so impressed.  I think the thunder makes her nervous.  She has been glued to me all day even more so than usual.  I’ve been giving her extra lovies. 

Today I was very scattered in my creativity.  By that I mean I had four projects going at once.  I’m working on some larger pieces for the J a day for St. Jude’s project.  These always take time so I’m doing them in stages.  While I was working today I ran across a wooden egg in my sign stash.  I don’t even remember when I bought it but there it sat all unpainted and lonely.  I decided to paint it and turn it into a J egg. 

Since easter is just around the corner I went with an easter theme.  I love pastels and I will use them any opportunity that I get.  I wish I had more of these little eggs just because it was so much fun to paint!

J78 Easter Egg J

I am having so much fun on this Journey of the J.  I can’t believe that I’m 78 days in and instead of running out of ideas I am having a flood of new ones.  It’s quite a learning experience for me on many fronts.  I’m also finding myself pushing harder and digging deeper to create more meaningful art.  You’ll see some of this soon I promise.  In the meantime, I hope you will continue to be involved.  I love the idea that so many of you are telling your friends and generating interest in this project.  My prayer is that the artwork will raise a lot of money for the children at St. Jude’s.  I just want to thank you all for caring and sharing.  You are all magnificent and special and bring light and love to my life.   I hope to use my art to create more healing in this world.  Thank you for blessing me as I travel this path.