A positive decision can change your life.

Hello you marvelous mind-blowing mondo cool go go dancing angels!  I hope you have had a splendid weekend.  I’ve been doing some redesigning and some painting this weekend.  I have decided to revamp Peachbutter’s logo.  One would think that my being an artist and all that I would have such an easy time with this task.  Not so I’m afraid.  I’m vacillating back and forth between three different designs.  I’ve been getting feedback from some friends and, par for the course, their feedback is all over the board.  LOL  I’m almost at the point of putting all three designs on the blog and Facebook and asking for feedback. 

Tonight I want to share a couple of things with you.  The first thing I would like to talk about is the feeling of hopelessness and general malaise that so many people are dealing with right now.  While, it’s true that the US economy is struggling right now, it is not true that the end of the world has come.  I know people are hurting and many people are struggling right now.  I just want to reach out to all of you and tell you that it’s going to get better.  We are not a nation of quitters.  We are a nation of overcomers and champions!  Sometimes we get so caught up in focusing on what is wrong around us that we forget to step back and focus on what is fabulous. 

I had dinner with a friend the other night and we were discussing things that we can do to make life better for those people we come into contact with.  There were the usual ideas of sharing food, clothes etc.  I made the comment that sometimes it’s the little things in life that people remember the most.  My friend looked at me and said, “Yeah it is.  It’s amazing what a touch can convey.  A warm hug or a sincere smile and compliment.  What it really boils down to is love.  It’s all about giving love.”  And you know what?  He’s exactly right. 

I was doing a bit of reading today and I ran across this quote from Alistair Cooke……I think it’s something worth sharing and something I definitely want to remind myself of. 

“In the best of times, our days are numbered anyway.  So it would be a crime against nature for any generation to take the world crisis so solemnly, that it put off enjoying those things for which we were designed in the first place: the opportunity to do good works, to enjoy friends, to fall in love, to hit a ball and to bounce a baby.” 

With these things in mind I wanted to show you some cool stuff.  Remember my joy at finding that little box of pastels the other day?  Well I have more funky groovy kinda news.  I cleaned out the rest of that trolly and not only did I find another box of the oil pastels but I found a box of chalk pastels as well as a small box of water based oil paints!  I think I need to reorganize and clean more often.  Just sayin.  Here is a pic of the newly found booty.

New found pastels

Aqua Oils

 What is really funny about me finding all of these things is that I discovered them after I made a trip to the art supply store to purchase some new oil pastels.  I tried my sweet babies.  I tried with all my might to resist them.  I did!  I did!  I lusted after them online and closed the window and did some sketching.  I went back and lusted some more, closed the window and did some more sketching.  But, it was too late.  It was like some sort of art porn had possessed me and I had to have these oil pastels.  As I entered the doors the air conditioner hit my face, wafting me in with a gentle caress.  Yes, this was going to happen, there was no use fighting it anymore.  After a few minutes of letting my fingers dance over several different boxes, my choice was made.  I eagerly walked up to the register and purchased this box of deeply colored beauties.  They were mine.  I loved them and they loved me back.  And here they are in all of their colorful glory….

New Oil Pastels

 I used oil pastels to complete J122.  Do you remember it?  This was the initial sketch…..

Initial Cactus J Sketch

 And here is the finished painting.  I decided to go whimsical with this piece.  I know I know….what a surprise. Heh.  I titled this J122 Hot Snack.

J122 Hot Snack

 Here is a close up of the Lizard.  I had to put some pink cowgirl boots on her.  I mean seriously, a girl needs to be stylish when she’s munchin on hot chili peppers! 

Hot Snack Close Up

 So there you have it my angels.  I hope you found a smile or two here tonight.  You make me smile every time you visit, leave comments or email me.  I cherish it when you share with me and allow me to share in your joys.  I’m making the decision to look for the positive in my life and in those around me.  Won’t you join me in this?  Perhaps we will be a part of the solution instead of part of the problem.  I love you.  You’re spectacular and brilliant.  I’m blessed to know you!


Jump and the net shall appear.

Hello love buggins!  Today I want to talk about feeling the fear and doing it anyway.  Over the last year I’ve had to face many things that I didn’t think I would.  I’ve dealt with a divorce, the death of two friends, some family issues and my own fears.  I’m blessed in the fact that I am surrounded by loving and giving people who have given and continue to give me the courage to just be me.  I wonder sometimes why this is so hard for so many of us.  I listen to my friends and their fears and I think to myself, “That’s crazy!  Nobody sees you that way.”  Or I think, “Are you serious?  I would have never seen you in that light.”  And you know what I have decided?  I have decided that we are all our own worse critics! 

Today I want to encourage you to drop your self-judgement.  Shed that cloak of shame, guilt or self-hate.  Ask God and the universe to help you see yourself the way they see you.  Ask for the same eyes of love for yourself that you have for others.  I know it’s scary, but feel the fear and do it anyway.  You are going to be amazed at the beauty you see when you do this. 

Todays J is titled “J51 Jump J”.  I remember a zen quote from years ago that said Leap and the net will appear.  I altered this just a bit for tonights J.  Artistic license.  😛  

J51 Jump J

This is a small piece painted with acrylics on Strathmore paper.  The butterfly and fern are stickers that I added.  I didn’t adhere it to the canvas.  I just placed it there so you could see better.  This is the same size as the Jiggle J. 

I want to tell y’all that I am a Christian and I believe that God is my net.  I know that the universe is conspiring on my behalf and that wonderful new things are in my future.  I wake each morning in expectation of greatness.  I also believe that no matter what your personal spiritual beliefs are that you are a magnificent and magical creature.  You have strengths and gifts that the world needs.  I need you and so do others.  So JUMP BABY JUMP!!!

Pinecones, Coffee and happiness.

Greetings all you hip smokin hot light gliders!   This has been a most wonderful, albeit exhausting sunday.  I worked at the flower shop again today.  After work I went for some food with a friend.  We laughed and talked and then just enjoyed our meal.  My friend looks at me and says, “Sometimes silence makes me happy.”  We both just laughed and nodded.  We were laughing because earlier in the day another friend and coworker had given her some coffee and she made a similar remark.  “Oh coffee!  Coffee makes me happy!” 

As I was driving home I thought about some of the things that make me happy.  I was a bit surprised at how many of these things are small.  Coffee also makes me happy.  Little bottles of paint, colored pencils and new oils for making soap make me happy.  This morning when I was walking the wonder dog I was noticing some of the pine cones on the trees.  I was thinking how happy I was going to be when it was time to decorate the house again.  I love pinecones.  You can use them for so many things.  They make me happy too.  Another small and simple thing. 

Todays J is titled “J37 Pinecone J”.   Finishing my J a day makes me happy.  Reading the comments you guys leave makes me happy.  So many simple things. 

J37 Pinecone J

J37 Pinecone J

How many small or simple things can you think of that make you happy?  I think after valentine’s day is over I’m actually going to sit down and make a list of these things.  I encourage you to try this as well.  Then find out what little things make those around you happy and give it to them.  It’s a groovy way to make somebody smile and I promise you will be smiling all day too! 

My friends all know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE earrings.  Earrings have made me happy for a long time.  Two of my coworkers are also jewelry artisans.  Each of them made me earrings for valentine’s day.  The pair on the left was made by my friend Leslie.  The pair on the right was made by my friend Janet.  Aren’t they beautiful?  I’m happy! 

Valentines earrings

Be kind to yourself today.  Give somebody something to make them smile.  It’s not the size of the gift that matters.  It’s the fact that you took the time to show them and tell them that they matter to you.  And this my friends, is no small thing.  I love you all.  Can you feel it?