Bird babies, solid perfume and friends.

Hello you cosmic unicycle riders!  How are things up there?  All is groovy I see.

I worked at the flower shop today for half a day.  It was one of those days that I had an opportunity to do a lot of thinking because it wasn’t very busy.  My mind was very active today and I had several new ideas for my art.  I also had some new ideas for some of my birds.  I put them away for a while because I was getting sort of obsessed with them.  Don’t get me wrong, I love them.  I think they are cute and funny and they make people smile.  It’s just that I was spending so much time concentrating on new patterns and new outfits for them that I kind of put other things on the back burner. 

Today I pulled them back out and smiled when I realized how many of them are so close to being finished.  I also giggled a bit when I opened the second box to see how many of them are waiting for their wings, tails and beaks.  Here are a couple of pics so you can see what I am talking about.

Semi complete birds

Almost there!

Still waiting

Waiting on completion.

 I’m going to make some of these into cake toppers.  I’m also going to be revealing a new line of birds in about a month or so.  I’m still working out the details for selling them. 

I also wanted to show y’all the solid perfume I told you about yesterday.  I’m also working on a different container for these.  You know me, I can’t do anything without changing it up a bit.  LOL!  A wonderful friend told me this week that I do things with a “flair”.  That made me smile because honestly, I don’t do that on purpose.  This little tin has a plastic insert that holds the solid perfume.  It’s the perfect size for the purse or pocket.  I also like these because if you are traveling, you can take it with you on the plane.  I’m thinking of making some sets of these.  I think it would be cool to be able to have several scents and not have to worry about space or any travel restrictions.

Solid Perfume

Solid Perfume TinSolid Perfume Tin Opened

Solid Perfume Tin Open

Open Tin of Solid Perfume

This scent is a very light and clean with just a touch of spice.  It’s really a lovely scent. 

I had lunch today with a friend.  We talked about changes and how life is too short to live it in fear and worry.  I’m so glad that I am surrounded by so many loving and wonderful friends.  I’m also grateful for the opportunities to be a good friend.  It’s all about balance and the give and take in life.  I am working very hard at becoming better in all areas of my life.  It feels good to have people who love me , and it’s good to have those friends who cheer me on as I reach my goals and dreams. 

I hope that I am a cheerleader and encourager to you as well.  You are divine and delicious and you deserve all good things in life!  Enjoy your weekend and don’t forget to give away some love this week!  It always comes back bigger and better to you than it was when you sent it out.  How cool is that?!  🙂  Pay it forward baby!


I believe in love.

Hello you cosmic jelly beans!  I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend.  I woke up today expecting an adventure and I wasn’t disappointed.  I told you yesterday that I was going to have to go buy a new blending pen or some blending solution today in order to finish the seahorse J.  This is where the fun began.  I woke up this morning to an email from Michaels.  This email included a 40% off coupon for all artists pens and markers.  SCORE!  I called the store, they said they had them and off I went.  I was smiling and singing as I drove to Michaels.  Soon, oh so very soon I would have my coveted blending pen AND it’s going to be 40% off!  I arrive on the scene only to discover that not only do they not have the blending solution but they don’t even carry the copic markers.  Apparently the employee I spoke too either guessed or just said they had them in order to get off the phone.  Thirty minutes, two employees and one manager later, it was indeed confirmed that I was out of luck. 

No worries!  I hopped in my car and dashed over to Hobby Lobby.  Ahhhh Hobby Lobby.  They have a definite soft spot in my heart.  Not only do they carry everything under the sun but they also have the best customer service in my experience.  I turn the corner and see the light at the entrance to the shopping center.  I’m so excited I can barely stand it.  I am going to come home and finish my little seahorse and then start on tonight’s J.  Then it happened.  I made my turn and saw an empty parking lot.  Initially I panicked.  Surely by beloved Hobby Lobby hasn’t gone out of business?!!  I drive slowly up to the door, almost afraid to see an empty building.  Then I see the sign.  Sunday hours….CLOSED.   I simultaneously felt the following things.  Oh thank God they are still open!  Rats I can’t get my pen today!  That’s so cool that they are closed on Sundays and their employees get that day off every week!  I have a newfound respect for Hobby Lobby.  I love them.  Seriously, I do.

I came home and decided to do a bit of coloring on the seahorse anyway.  I decided not to finish because I was not getting the blending that I wanted.  However, I promised you yesterday that you would see some color on the seahorse today so here she is so far.

Seahorse J partial color

After working on her for a bit I tried to think of something to create for tonight’s J.  Blank.  Absolute and total blank.  We’re talkin, the kinda blank the first time you get caught with your hand in the cookie jar as a kid.  The kinda blank when the good-looking guy smiles at you in high school.  Blank I tell ya, nada, nothing.  I sat down and painted the background of a canvas.  Very pretty pink, lavender and blues mixed.  It’s nice but it’s not speaking to me today.  Then I pondered a zen J.  Not in the mood for that and one must be in the mood to create an effective zentangle. 

So, I did what I always do when I’m stuck.  I move on to something else and work on that.  I allow my mind to release what I was so tense about and allow it to focus on the new project.  This worked out well for me today because I was able to finish my friends box that I’ve been working on for a couple of weeks a few minutes at a time.  Here is the finished box.

G's box

I am going to fill this box with tiny 3 X 3 inch cards in envelopes with silly jokes, inspirational quotes and art by the inch pieces for her to discover each day.  I hope it helps her to smile a bit as she goes through the radiation treatments.  I’ll post some pics of the contents in a few days after I mail it to her. 

After I finished the box I began to look around for something to create my J on.  Then I saw it.  It was a canvas that I had already prepped the background in browns.  I had pasted the word LOVE along the bottom and stamped a heart with wings.  I had also glued two blank pieces of cardstock on the left.  I had intended to create a very elaborate mixed media piece.  But a funny thing happened on the way to the J tonight.  This canvas told me it wanted to be a forest.  So I give you tonight’s J.  A forest of love trees.  J86 Believe in Love J.

J86 Believe in Love J

I do believe in love.  I believe that love is always the answer, even when it’s the hardest answer.  I believe that YOU are a walking, talking, disco dancin love machine!  Or you know, there is a possibility that you are a two-step line dancing machine, but really people aren’t as interested in the type of dance as much as the fact that you do the dance.  WOO HOO look at those moves!  Oh yeah.  Oh yeah.  Rock on.  Rock on with your fabulous self!

Some things are done just for fun.

Hi you walking talking wonderment of light!  I hope your sunday has been fantastic.  Things here were pretty groovy today.  I got a lot done and even had time to paint a fun J. 

First things first however.  Tonight is the night I unveil the giveaway item.  This giveaway is for a heart-shaped paper mache’ box that I have hand painted and embellished with beads and swarvoski crystals. 

Heart box view 1

Heart box view 2

Heart box view 3

Everyone that leaves a comment this week will have their name put into a hat.  Friday night I will pull the name and announce the winner here.  Good luck to everyone!  I hope this adds some fun to your week. 

And for tonight’s J I painted a pink flamingo.  Don’t ask me why because I have no idea.  I just wanted to paint something whimsical and decided a pink flamingo would do the trick!  So here she is.  Can you find the J in the painting?  J65 Fun Flamingo J. 

J65 Fun Flamingo J

I hope you had some fun today.  I hope you wake up tomorrow and find some fun in your day.  You deserve it.  In fact, you deserve all the wonderful things this world has to offer.  Open your arms and your heart and let them in.  Share your fabulousness with the rest of the world and let them share theirs with you.  You are loved!  Sincerely, completely here and from above.  You are loved!  And by the way, everyone is crazy about your smile too.  Just so ya know.

The dream crow landed in my studio.

Hello my fellow happy dancing through life buddies!  Today was a most interesting day.  It started out with the sweetest softest puppy kisses you can imagine.  Normally, Maddison is not a morning dog.  She likes to linger in the bed even after I’ve crawled out for the day.  This morning she woke early and was in a very good mood.  I was treated to smooch after smooch and then a serious snuggle.  What a beautiful way to wake up! 

After breakfast and a walk I settled in to work on some art.  I finished a paper mache’ box and another piece titled “Dream”.  I forgot to take pictures while the light was good so I’ll have to share them tomorrow.  I also did some work on my art journal today.  I cut out some little inserts out of some file folders I had in a box.  I made all types of shapes and sizes.  Here is what they look like right after I cut them.

Folders for Journal

I gesso’d these and then added some paint to them.  They look really cool now.  It’s amazing to me how the gesso tones down the color and leaves you with a new blank canvas to work on.  I also forgot to take pictures of these so I will have to show you the final product tomorrow.  I also altered the front and back of my new art journal and created a hand-made card for a friend who is going through chemo right now.  Again, no photo’s.  Suddenly my sassy attitude about my accomplishments today is waining.  LOL

I took a break today and I was reading some dream interpretations.  Recently I’ve dreamed about crows and I was trying to get some information on what that could mean.  As I read I ran across the word “jackdaw”.  I had never seen this word before so I went and looked it up.  It turns out that a jackdaw is a Eurasian version of our black crow only smaller.  I think they are cute!  Not only that but I was handed my J for the day by the universe.  Isn’t that cool?  So here is my rendition of the jackdaw. 

J55 Jackdaw on folder

I drew this little guy on a piece of one of the folders that I had left over.  I wish I had a name for him.  Any suggestions?  I would love to hear from you.   This little bird got me thinking about how sometimes we get answers from sources that we aren’t even looking for.  Each day I try to actively look for a new J.  Each day I try to find a way to express my thoughts to you about things as I search and find my J for the day.  Some days I have to wing it because nothing really jumps out at me.  Other times, like today, it’s handed to me on a silver platter.  I guess that’s the nature of life really.  When we let go and relax, we are often gifted in ways we would never have expected.  When that happens it’s such a lovely surprise. 

I hope you are surprised by something wonderful today.  Whether it’s a big thing or a small thing, I hope the surprise makes you smile.  I hope you take that smile and share it.  Better yet, why not surprise someone else?  I guarantee you that will make you smile!  Have a fabulous day my fabulous peeps.  You are wonderful beyond words!  Thank you for being you and making my world a better place.

Outside the box and happy with the results.

Hello friends, surfers and fellow artists!  Today was a challenging day for me.  I woke up tired.  Does that happen to any of you?  I know for me it’s because I have a sleep disorder called “Alpha wave intrusion syndrome”.  That’s just a big fancy term for “we’re sorry but your butt isn’t going to be getting any sleep tonight because your pain threshold has been surpassed and we are now pissed and plan to keep you up all night.”  I am going to have to get back on the nightly aleve program again for a while I guess.  I hate taking meds.  I hate not sleeping more.  I was supposed to have dinner with a friend but I cancelled and decided to take care of myself instead. 

I didn’t want to draw a J today.  I think I’ve gotten a bit burned out on the colored pencils.  (My inner child artist just fainted.  LOL)  As I was looking through different things in my studio nothing was clicking.  I thought about doing a canvas J but that wasn’t jazzing me either.  That’s when I spied one of the bases I use for my birds.  These are just little wooden bases that I glue some of my birds too.  Here is an example of one just primed but not painted yet. 

Simple Bird Base

I looked at the one that has been hanging around my studio for months.  I painted it green and was planning to use it for a bird.  However, so far none of the birds were interested in perching on it so there it sat.  Today I looked at it with a different set of eyes and suddenly it’s fate was sealed! 

A few weeks ago I was in  Hobby Lobby buying some supplies and I found these feathers.  Now I am not usually a feather kinda gal.  Although I love them, I rarely use them because I fear they don’t have a long life.  These captured my heart though.  Several minutes later they were traveling home with me in bags with other treasures for making new treasures.

I also found a cab face that I had made and painted for another project only to find she was much to small when I had finished her.  Tonight I gathered all of these orphans together, added my brightly colored feathers and painted a J on the base.  I am in LOVE!  Seriously, it’s silly how much I love this piece.  It’s tiny and colorful and makes me giggle.  I have a feeling this isn’t going to be the last one of these I make.  What do you think of her? 

J42 Out of the box J

I’m sorry I’ve been down the last few days.  It will pass.  It always does.  🙂  I love you.  I love you.  I love you!  Please forgive me.  *HUGS*  More tomorrow.  You are all so fabulous!

Soap Giveaway Winners

Hello Beautiful People!  🙂

Just a quick note today to announce the giveaway winners.  Congratulations to Dee and Kim!  I just want to thank everyone who participated.  I’ll be having another giveaway soon!  Dee and Kim, your soaps will be on their way to you friday.  Have a wonderful day and thank you again. 

I’m heading out to run some errands.  I hope to spread a little sunshine today and maybe do a random act of art!  Everyone go out and smile at three people today.  Then pick three more to compliment.  You won’t believe how it will make them and you smile!

Soap Giveaway and New Birds in the Bevy

Hello all of you happy groovy beautiful people!

I hope everyone is feeling good today and looking forward to more days of sunshine ahead.  Spring is just around the corner and she is beginning to send little gifts our way.   It has been such a long and cold winter for so many people.  Many of my friends up north and in Canada have really had tons and tons of snow to deal with.  Even here in the south it was exceptionally cold and snowy this year.  But alas the sun!  Ahh the sun is coming back! 

This week I’m having another soap giveaway.  I’ve made several new scents the past couple of weeks so I’m going to let you guys pick which scent you would like to try this time.  🙂   I’ve also made some new bird babies and they are looking forward to moving to their forever homes.   They are waiting for you at

To enter the giveaway contest, just leave a comment here, email me or send me a message on twitter.  My twitter id is JDewylde. 

Peachbutter Party Birds

Here are some of the new soaps available too.  The tangarine dreams and spring spa are seriously drool worthy! 

Handmade Goatsmilk Luxury Soap

Handmade Goatsmilk Soap

 This is the Tangerine Dreams soap.  It is a wonderfully creamy bar.  It is scented with a mix of tangerine and soft green herbals.  It is DEELISH!!  Goatsmilk soaps have been used by people for centuries.  The milk adds a smoothness to the soap that is incredible.  Many people swear that it also helps to clear dry skin.  Try it, you’ll love it!  🙂

Spring Spa Luxury Handmade Soap

Spring Spa Luxury Handmade Soap

This is the spring spa soap.  This soap is scented with ginger and frankinsense.  You won’t believe what a fresh and clean scent this is!  It’s so refreshing and simply yummy!  These bars are also topped with a touch of cosmetic gold mica.  Just for a little touch of glamour and fun!  Everyone that has tried this soap loves it!  You will too. 

I’m looking forward to hearing from y’all.  Have a groovy, happy and love filled day!  Enjoy the pics, enter the giveaway then go out and show people some love today.  It all comes back to you baby!  It all comes back to you.  🙂

Winter birds and sleepy dog

Hi Guys,

Well it’s been another busy week for me.  I’ve been working on some more birds, restocking the soap shelves and trying to catch the wonder dog sleeping.  She is such a light sleeper that I have yet to catch her just totally out cold.  LOL  Still working on it though! 

Here are some of the birds that I just finished.  I will be listing them on my site tomrrow.  I’ve got several others almost finished.  It seems like these days that the more I make them, the more I love them.  They make me smile and giggle.  I think that’s a good thing. 

Just friends ready for tea.

 Meet Edith and Charlotte.  Just two pretty girls ready for tea.  I named these girls after my mom and my Aunt Charlotte.  The love to get together when they can too!  🙂 

Two fabric birds fancy friends.

Fancy Friends

 And this is Nina and Cricket.  They are best friends.  They are all dressed up and ready to go out on the town.  I have a suspicion that Nina is on the prowl for a cowboy.  Cricket agrees.  heh

And just because she’s so stinkin cute to me, a couple of pics of the wonder dog.  She gets so put out when I wake her with my camera.  LOL

Oops.  I woke up the sleeping princess.

The wonder dog is put out.

She just doesn’t understand how cute I think she is when she’s sleeping!  I just wish I could get ONE pic of her while she was out cold.  But NOPE, she is a light sleeper and she always hears me. 

Maddison ignoring her momma.

She is a sleepy puppy.

After giving me the stink eye she moved over and put her head on the pillow.  As if to say, “I am ignoring you, now go away so I can sleep”   LOL  I love her so much! 

I think 2010 is going to be an amazing year.  My mind seems to be moving constantly in creative directions.  I’m trying to find the balance with my time between soapmaking and my dolls/birds/art.  I feel like I’ve got a pretty good system working right now.  I should have new soaps ready soon as well.  Have a great day and thank you again for all of your kind words and emails.  Y’all keep me going!  Peace and Love and Peachbutter!!

Merry Christmas!!

Just a short blog today to say Merry Christmas to you all!  🙂  The wonder dog and I would like to thank you all for making this a magnificent Christmas!!!  We sold out of soap.  We also sold several birds and some art!  We wouldn’t be able to make it without all of you.  Whether you have bought from us, told friends about us or simply emailed with encouraging words.  We love each and every single one of you!  ((((((((HUGS)))))))  May 2010 be the most incredible year to date for everyone.  Peace and blessing upon you!   Sending love and hugs and dreams your way!  – Jacqueline and Maddison the wonder dog.

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Sleep Study Results and Yummy New Soaps.

Well the sleep study results are in.  I don’t have sleep apnea!  YAY that part!  I do however, have something called Alpha Intrusion Disorder.  I have chronic pain and this condition is caused when someone has chronic pain and it changes their brain waves.  This causes them not to go into a deep REM sleep, which is what I have been experiencing for a few years now.  It’s not fun.  Some nights I wake up 12- 14 times.  I’m always hurting and I always need to move or turn to sleep better.  In my case, I finally get so exhuasted that I will need a night or a weekend day to just sleep for like 12 hours.  I’m beginning to explore some homeopathic paths to pain relief.  I’ve also stopped drinking caffeine after 3:00 in the afternoon.  This seems to be helping a bit.  I’m in love with blueberry herbal tea so that’s what I’ve been drinking at night.   If any of you want to leave comments about your sleeping disorders, please feel free to do so.  Just find all the tiny writing at the bottom of the posts and click on leave a comment.  We are all in this together.  🙂

Okay!  On to more fun topics.  I cut two logs of soap yesterday.  The first one is a cucumber scent and it is so clean smelling.  I also played around a bit with the coloring.  It was fun!   So here are the cut bars. 

Handmade Cucumber Luxury Soap

Handmade Cucumber Luxury Soap. Yummmm!

The second log I cut was the grapefruit/orange soap.  OMG y’all I am in LOVE with this soap.  I used a grapefruit/orange essential oil blend on this one.  It smells just like juicy ripe grapefruits and oranges.  It’s also a vegan bar.  I was kind of surprised at how long the recipe took to trace, but it was worth the effort.  I colored half the batch a light pink grapefruit color and added just a touch of yellow to the other half then mixed them.  I love the soft understated way the colors came out!  I hope y’all like these too. 

Grapefruit/Orange Handmade Vegan Luxury Soap

Grapefruit/Orange Handmade Vegan Luxury Soap w/ essential oils.

Tonight I’m going to work on completing a couple of birds.  I’ve got some cute ideas for bird hats and such so I’m going to try and get that done.   I’m working on getting myself organized.  Sometimes I feel like I’m running as fast as I can on the wheel and getting nowhere.  LOL   I hope you all have a day filled with peace, happiness, tons of smiles and more love than you can hold!