A positive decision can change your life.

Hello you marvelous mind-blowing mondo cool go go dancing angels!  I hope you have had a splendid weekend.  I’ve been doing some redesigning and some painting this weekend.  I have decided to revamp Peachbutter’s logo.  One would think that my being an artist and all that I would have such an easy time with this task.  Not so I’m afraid.  I’m vacillating back and forth between three different designs.  I’ve been getting feedback from some friends and, par for the course, their feedback is all over the board.  LOL  I’m almost at the point of putting all three designs on the blog and Facebook and asking for feedback. 

Tonight I want to share a couple of things with you.  The first thing I would like to talk about is the feeling of hopelessness and general malaise that so many people are dealing with right now.  While, it’s true that the US economy is struggling right now, it is not true that the end of the world has come.  I know people are hurting and many people are struggling right now.  I just want to reach out to all of you and tell you that it’s going to get better.  We are not a nation of quitters.  We are a nation of overcomers and champions!  Sometimes we get so caught up in focusing on what is wrong around us that we forget to step back and focus on what is fabulous. 

I had dinner with a friend the other night and we were discussing things that we can do to make life better for those people we come into contact with.  There were the usual ideas of sharing food, clothes etc.  I made the comment that sometimes it’s the little things in life that people remember the most.  My friend looked at me and said, “Yeah it is.  It’s amazing what a touch can convey.  A warm hug or a sincere smile and compliment.  What it really boils down to is love.  It’s all about giving love.”  And you know what?  He’s exactly right. 

I was doing a bit of reading today and I ran across this quote from Alistair Cooke……I think it’s something worth sharing and something I definitely want to remind myself of. 

“In the best of times, our days are numbered anyway.  So it would be a crime against nature for any generation to take the world crisis so solemnly, that it put off enjoying those things for which we were designed in the first place: the opportunity to do good works, to enjoy friends, to fall in love, to hit a ball and to bounce a baby.” 

With these things in mind I wanted to show you some cool stuff.  Remember my joy at finding that little box of pastels the other day?  Well I have more funky groovy kinda news.  I cleaned out the rest of that trolly and not only did I find another box of the oil pastels but I found a box of chalk pastels as well as a small box of water based oil paints!  I think I need to reorganize and clean more often.  Just sayin.  Here is a pic of the newly found booty.

New found pastels

Aqua Oils

 What is really funny about me finding all of these things is that I discovered them after I made a trip to the art supply store to purchase some new oil pastels.  I tried my sweet babies.  I tried with all my might to resist them.  I did!  I did!  I lusted after them online and closed the window and did some sketching.  I went back and lusted some more, closed the window and did some more sketching.  But, it was too late.  It was like some sort of art porn had possessed me and I had to have these oil pastels.  As I entered the doors the air conditioner hit my face, wafting me in with a gentle caress.  Yes, this was going to happen, there was no use fighting it anymore.  After a few minutes of letting my fingers dance over several different boxes, my choice was made.  I eagerly walked up to the register and purchased this box of deeply colored beauties.  They were mine.  I loved them and they loved me back.  And here they are in all of their colorful glory….

New Oil Pastels

 I used oil pastels to complete J122.  Do you remember it?  This was the initial sketch…..

Initial Cactus J Sketch

 And here is the finished painting.  I decided to go whimsical with this piece.  I know I know….what a surprise. Heh.  I titled this J122 Hot Snack.

J122 Hot Snack

 Here is a close up of the Lizard.  I had to put some pink cowgirl boots on her.  I mean seriously, a girl needs to be stylish when she’s munchin on hot chili peppers! 

Hot Snack Close Up

 So there you have it my angels.  I hope you found a smile or two here tonight.  You make me smile every time you visit, leave comments or email me.  I cherish it when you share with me and allow me to share in your joys.  I’m making the decision to look for the positive in my life and in those around me.  Won’t you join me in this?  Perhaps we will be a part of the solution instead of part of the problem.  I love you.  You’re spectacular and brilliant.  I’m blessed to know you!


Bird babies, solid perfume and friends.

Hello you cosmic unicycle riders!  How are things up there?  All is groovy I see.

I worked at the flower shop today for half a day.  It was one of those days that I had an opportunity to do a lot of thinking because it wasn’t very busy.  My mind was very active today and I had several new ideas for my art.  I also had some new ideas for some of my birds.  I put them away for a while because I was getting sort of obsessed with them.  Don’t get me wrong, I love them.  I think they are cute and funny and they make people smile.  It’s just that I was spending so much time concentrating on new patterns and new outfits for them that I kind of put other things on the back burner. 

Today I pulled them back out and smiled when I realized how many of them are so close to being finished.  I also giggled a bit when I opened the second box to see how many of them are waiting for their wings, tails and beaks.  Here are a couple of pics so you can see what I am talking about.

Semi complete birds

Almost there!

Still waiting

Waiting on completion.

 I’m going to make some of these into cake toppers.  I’m also going to be revealing a new line of birds in about a month or so.  I’m still working out the details for selling them. 

I also wanted to show y’all the solid perfume I told you about yesterday.  I’m also working on a different container for these.  You know me, I can’t do anything without changing it up a bit.  LOL!  A wonderful friend told me this week that I do things with a “flair”.  That made me smile because honestly, I don’t do that on purpose.  This little tin has a plastic insert that holds the solid perfume.  It’s the perfect size for the purse or pocket.  I also like these because if you are traveling, you can take it with you on the plane.  I’m thinking of making some sets of these.  I think it would be cool to be able to have several scents and not have to worry about space or any travel restrictions.

Solid Perfume

Solid Perfume TinSolid Perfume Tin Opened

Solid Perfume Tin Open

Open Tin of Solid Perfume

This scent is a very light and clean with just a touch of spice.  It’s really a lovely scent. 

I had lunch today with a friend.  We talked about changes and how life is too short to live it in fear and worry.  I’m so glad that I am surrounded by so many loving and wonderful friends.  I’m also grateful for the opportunities to be a good friend.  It’s all about balance and the give and take in life.  I am working very hard at becoming better in all areas of my life.  It feels good to have people who love me , and it’s good to have those friends who cheer me on as I reach my goals and dreams. 

I hope that I am a cheerleader and encourager to you as well.  You are divine and delicious and you deserve all good things in life!  Enjoy your weekend and don’t forget to give away some love this week!  It always comes back bigger and better to you than it was when you sent it out.  How cool is that?!  🙂  Pay it forward baby!

The time has come…

Hello my beautiful love buggins!  Yes, that’s right.  The time has come for me to announce this months giveaway.  I have been working diligently on a recipe for a solid perfume that won’t melt in the summer heat. Well I finally perfected it!  I tested this by leaving it in my car during a 98 degree day here in Ga.  And while it did get a bit softer than it was, it wasn’t even close to melting.  YAY!  Can we all say SUCCESS??!! 

In case you didn’t notice, I’m a bit stoked about this.  My first few attempts were good but definitely too soft to survive shipping during the summer months.  I am in love with solid perfumes for several reasons.  The main reason being I can put them in my purse and take them anywhere.  They are small and don’t take up much room and they won’t ever leak out of a bottle all over my purse and the contents therein. 

I was going to post a picture of it, but my camera has dead batteries.  I guess it’s all the pictures I took yesterday.  So I’ll have to give you a visual tomorrow.  So on to the giveaway info.  This months giveaway is a bar of my summer citrus soap and a solid perfume. 

The rules to play the game are the same as always.  Leave a comment on the blog within the next week.  On July 22nd I’ll pick a winner.  If you don’t have a link in your signature for me to get in touch with you, please feel free to email me and let me know you entered.  If you win I’ll email you.  If you have a link in your siggy I’ll post there to let you know.  I’ll also post the winner here. 

Good Luck to everyone and let the game begin!  🙂 

P.S.  In case nobody told you today, you are a strikingly beautiful and magnificently made creature.  I’m also digging the orange/hot pink aura thing you have goin on tonight.  Groovy!

Beauty in light and laughter

Hello you dancing stars of awesomeness!  I hope you have had a wonderful day today.  My day was gloriously beautiful.  The sun was out, the flowers are blooming and the colors just seemed more vivid to me today.  It wasn’t too long ago that I prayed and asked God to put people in my life who could love me where I am while still helping me to get where I want to go.  I also ask Him daily to help me to be an instrument of His light and love. 

I got to spend some time today with my mentor.  I always enjoy this time because I am always reminded of my good qualities and then given suggestions on how to improve.  Today he told me that I have a responsibility to myself as well as other people in my life to be the absolute best I can be.  This doesn’t mean that I won’t fall down or make mistakes.  This means that I need to always put my best foot forward, even in the times I don’t feel like it.  He reminded me that when I do these things, the rewards are great and powerful in my life.  And you know what?  The really are. 

I was so aware of all the beauty around me today.  It’s kind of amazing to me sometimes how that happens.  We open our minds and our spirits and then our eyes are open to all sorts of things.  I put a new light in my light sculpture tonight and I wanted to share it with you.  This is a piece my mother gave me a few years back.  I absolutely love it. 

Light sculpture

Blue light beauty

She has one just like this except the colors in hers are a golden yellow.  Hers is beautiful too.  I have this on the floor instead of hanging because I think it looks groovy that way.  That’s the wonderdog’s toy basket right next to it.  Also a very important object in this house. 

And speaking of the wonderdog.  Tonight we were playing and she was just being a silly clown.  I was laughing at her and at one point she just plopped down in front of me and wagged her tail.  I had to snap a photog of her because it was like she was laughing with me.  Can you see the happy tail?  LOL  I love this picture of her.

Happy Tail

Laughing Wonderdog

So this is my post to you tonight.  There is beauty in everything if you will only see it.  It’s all around us.  It covers us like a warm blanket in the winter.  It comforts us like a cool breeze in the summer.   Beauty is everywhere and I can prove it.  Just go look in the mirror.  See!  I told you.  Much love coming your way tonight and always.  Thanks for coming by.  I have missed you!

Beauty in delicate things.

Hello my little fluffy poof. How is your gorgeous self today? I hope your day has been most wonderful. Tonight I want to talk about the beauty in delicate things.

For many years when I created art, I discounted anything having to do with a medium that wasn’t going to stand the test of time. In other words, if I didn’t feel like it was going to last for decades, I didn’t want to create it. I was very proud of this fact. In fact, I was so proud that I bordered on snobbery.

This changed for me recently when I began to notice how drawn I am to beautiful little paper cards, altered art boxes and bottles. Now these things may not last for decades but they most certainly bring pure joy and happiness while they are here.

In the grand scheme of things, isn’t that what we all want? Don’t we want to bring happiness and joy to others? Don’t we want them to see our value and our worth? Don’t we just want to be who we really are and have people love us and accept us for this? I know this is true for me.  I’ll tell you another truism about me.  I want to let the delicate soft side of myself take over more and more.  I spent a lot of time in my younger days being tough.  I felt I had to do this because of some circumstances in my life.  What I have come to realize over the years is that who I really am is who I really want to be.  And who I really am is who I want to show the world. 

This can be scarey at times because when we take a risk and reveal ourselves to others, there is always the chance of rejection or judgement.  The most important lesson that I have learned in this regard is that just because someone is unable to love me or accept me does not mean I am unlovable and can’t be accepted.  It just means that particular person has chosen to deprive themselves of the joy of knowing me.  It’s a shame really because I love to love people.  I love to encourage others and remind them of their beauty and value.  I’ve had to accept the fact that some people aren’t ready for that.  Some people are more scared than I used to be.  I’m patient and I believe they will gain courage as they grow. 

J110 Delicate Beauty J

Tonight’s J is titled J110 Delicate Beauty J.  This J is created on thick watercolor paper.  I basecoated the background with a combination of white, taupe and cream paint.  Then I painted a bunch of little paper flowers.  They started out solid white.  I almost left them in their natural state but I wanted just a dash of color.  Finally I finished it off with two strips of a delicate peach satin ribbon.  I love the way it turned out.  It’s soft and feminine and delicate in it’s beauty.  I think it’s going to look beautiful in a white frame or a shadow box.

Rest well tonight. Dream a beautiful dream. Remember that you possess delicate beauty that is remarkably attractive. Find someone you feel safe with and show them. Then take a risk and show someone you don’t even know. You will find strengh and joy in this. I promise! 🙂 Thank you for bringing your exceptionally beautiful self to visit me. You make me smile.

Spring is in the air!

Hello you colorful flowers in this garden of life!  I hope you had a fabulous day.  The weather here was beyond fantastic today.  Not to hot, beautiful and sunny with just the slightest breeze.  GLORIOUS! 

Tonight’s J is titled “J102 Spring Green J”.  I have noticed this past few weeks that I’m more and more drawn to the color green.  I haven’t abandoned my pinks and purples, but now I find myself wanting to pair them with green.  I’m actually contemplating creating a pink and green or lavender, pink and green quilt.  Cause you know, I have like all this extra time.  *coughs and laughs*

J102 Spring Green J

I’m still having some computer issues.  Although I’m beginning to wonder if it’s actually an issue with wordpress.  It seems as if when I post a picture all of the text after that isn’t spaced correctly.  I am going to have to look into this. 
I wanted to ask you a question tonight.  Are you letting the world see your beauty or are you keeping it hidden like the flowers just before they bloom?  Are you sharing your talents with the world or are you keeping them to yourself for now?  If you are hiding them I just want to encourage you to show your colors!  Show your talents!  Let the world see all the awesomeness that is YOU!  You may never know just how much light and laughter you could bring into someones life just by being you.  You’re enough, right now, today, right where you are.  In fact, you are more than enough.  You are spectacular!  Bloom baby bloom!  🙂

Beauty in the unexpected.

Hello my darlings!  This is going to be another short post.  I worked a long day today and I have to be up and at it early again tomorrow.  My back is feeling much better today and that is a huge blessing.  Thank you all for the prayers and love.  They worked! 

Tonight’s J is titled “J97 Unexpected J”.  Today as I was working I was thinking of all the different places that I see beauty in the world.  I was thinking of some of the art I’ve seen recently and how what made it beautiful to me was the fact that it was unexpected.  I remember seeing a pair of shoes recently that were completely covered in buttons.  They were high heels and they were lovely to me.  I also recently saw some mondo groovy sneakers that had been altered with sharpies.  Also beautiful to me.  Google sharpie shoes.  You will be amazed. 

Tonight I just want to remind you to look for the beauty in the unexpected.  If something takes your breath away, steal a bit of time just to bathe in that feeling of awe.  It’s a connection with the Universe I believe.  Thank you for being you.  You make me smile with your unexpected beauty.  🙂

J97 Unexpected J

Beauty in the abstract.

Hello you beautiful love visionaries!  Today I have been doing a lot of thinking about beauty in the abstract.  I’ve been thinking about this today because of a conversation I had with a friend yesterday.  We were discussing how different people view beauty.  We talked about how some people can’t see past the surface beauty.  This led to a discussion of how our physical bodies age and change and how most of us learn to see the true beauty in life which is the magic on the inside. 

This got me to thinking of all the different types of beauty in the world.  Some things that I find beautiful others do not and vice versa.  I see beauty everywhere.  I see beauty in the elderly couple walking hand in hand together.  I see beauty in the lines on my face and the faces of my friends.  They are laugh lines and crows feet.  They were all earned through lives well lived.  There is beauty in wisdom.  There is beauty in acceptance of oneself.  There is also beauty in the abstract.  Take the time to notice something beautiful today.  Then take the time to notice something beautiful about you.  Is it your laugh, your eyes or maybe even your toes?  Find something you like about yourself and acknowledge it. 

Tonight’s J is titled “J95 Abstract  Button J”.  It’s different and I think it’s beautiful. 

J95 Abstract Button J

Tonight I’m going to show you some signs that are almost ready to go into my etsy shop and on the website.  I hope you like them.  I had fun painting them. 

All about meow orange

All about meow with roses

Daddy's girl sign

All I have to do is find the right ribbons for them and take pics.  I hope I have time tomorrow when I get home from work.  I’m anxious to get things restocked.  Sometimes I feel frustrated because I’m a one girl show but then I remind myself I’m giving my very best and that’s all I can do.  🙂

Now I want to share something with you because it made me giggle and I always like to pass along a great giggle.  Zip on over to Jaclyn’s blog at The Polka dot Teapot.   I promise you will be glad you did!  Sleep sweet when you go!  http://polkadotteapot.wordpress.com/2011/04/12/absolutely-ridiculous/

Just because is enough of a reason.

Hi groovy peeps!  Tonight as I created a Just Because handmade card for the J a day.  As I was working on this card I thought of all the different reasons we send cards to people.  Sometimes it’s a get well, or a sympathy card.  More often it’s birthday or valentines or some other milestone in someone’s life.  I always enjoy getting cards, but the ones that I love the most are the ones that I get just because.  I realized that there are several people in my life who I need to send a card too just because.  I’m going to change that this week.  Are there people in your life who need to hear how special they are?  Are YOU one of those people?  If so, I highly recommend doing something that makes you happy JUST BECAUSE! 

J81 Just Because Card J

This little card is made out of an altered piece of file folder.  I gesso’d it then painted it a creamy brown color.  Next I added the strips of paper.  I also added some lace, a glittered button and the little lace flowers with beads.  I think it’s kinda cute. 

Now just one more thing I want to tell you.  You are FABULOUS, STUPENDOUS and MAGNIFICENT!  And I’m telling you that….Just Because.

Starlight Starbright Supermoon tonight!

Hello lovelies!  Tonight’s post is going to be short and sweet.  I’m heading out to a supermoon party.  Tonight’s J  is “J71 Starlight J”.  I got new copic markers today.  Blue, yellow and the blender pen.  I just had to do something with color.

J71 Starlight J

If you get a chance take a peek outside tonight.  It’s going to be beautiful!  Take a moment to notice how lovely everyone looks under full moonlight.  Take a moment to notice your own beauty under moonlight.  Check out the stars too!  Feel groovy and dance!  I dare ya!  🙂  Much love to you all.