A New Year and New Challenges

Hello all you beautiful people!  🙂  I certainly hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, Chanukah, Festivus or whatever holiday you celebrate.  My Christmas was magnificent!  And I do mean simply wonderful and devine. 

It wasn’t the presents.  Although, my presents were also wonderful.  It was the other gifts that I received that made it such a wonderful Christmas.  My mother came for a visit and we had a really nice talk.  We seemed to connect on a level that we haven’t been able to in a very long time.  She touched my heart with her kindness and understanding.  That was the best gift I could have received. 

I was also simply surrounded by loving people.  I know I’ve been saying this alot lately but it’s absolutely true.  I also received several cards, emails and phone calls from my friends all over the country.  Maddison even received two cards from different animal pals.  How cool is that?! 

So I’ve been doing alot of thinking and planning for the new year.  One of my goals this year is to stretch my creative muscles and think more out of the box.  I ran across an article about creating something every day for a year.  I thought that was a great idea!  Then I logged into wordpress to blog about it and I find out they are also doing a blog a day challenge.  It’s called postaday2011.  I was blown away and just laughed.  I mean talk about the Universe trying to tell me something!  LOL

So here is my commitment.  I am going to create a “J” a day.  Yes the letter J.  Why the letter J?  Because it’s the first letter of my name and I’m embracing it.  I am going to create a J today but I won’t be posting it until tomorrow.  I’m waiting on camera batteries to charge.  I will also be blogging about the “J a day” so it’s going to be a pretty groovy combination.  If you are also doing this challenge or would like to create something everyday for a year I would LOVE to hear from you.  I think it’s going to be a major blast!  I also think it’s going to be very challenging which is a good thing.

Here is the link to join the post a day group.  http://en.blog.wordpress.com/2010/12/30/challenge-for-2011-want-to-blog-more-often/    There is also info on doing a post a week if that is more your speed.  Check it out.  🙂

This year I refrained from making New Years resolutions.  I refuse to set myself up for failure anymore.  So instead I have made a list of goals I want to accomplish this year.  I’m going to list them here and then next year we can review and see how I did.

1.  Create something every day.

2. Postaday2011  (I’ll be using my posts to show what I’ve created as well as new soaps and perfumes.)

3.  Be more proactive with my branding in my business.

4.  Start yoga and get more in touch with my body again.

5.  Make at least twice as much money as I made last year.  (This is also going to be an interesting challenge that I totally feel up too! )

6.  Spend more time with the wonderdog doing interactive things. 

7.  Put into action these words….”I take excellent care of my beautiful self!”

I think seven goals is enough for this year.  If I accomplish these things I am going to be one happy happy girl next year at this time.  I hope that I hear from some of you.  I hope that those of you who so desire, will also join the group and I hope that you all have the most awesome year that you have ever had!  I’m here to cheer you on if you let me know you are in.