Attitude of Gratitude

This is the beginning of my gratitude list.  Life is ongoing and so is this list.  I am grateful for….

1.  Gods Love

2.  My family

3.  My friends

4.  My health

5.  Maddison the wonder dog.

6.  My work

7.  My serenity

8.  Music

9.  Art

10.  Poetry

11.  Laughter

12.  Tears

13.  Growth

14.  Courage

15.  Kindness

16.  Beauty

17.  Silliness

18.  Order

19.  The magic of love

20.  The Power of thought.

21.  Encouragers

22.  Jewelry

23.  Smiles

24.  Nature

25.  Animals

26.  Birds and their songs

27.  Art critics (they help me grow sometimes)

28.  Art supplies (a girl can NEVER have enough!)

29.  Cute shoes

30.  Cute shoes that are comfortable.

31.  Early morning puppy snuggles.

32.  The serenity that comes when creating with my hands.

33.  Caring and giving people.

34.  Volunteerism

35.  Armies of volunteers

36.  Cycles of creativity

37.  Flirty men

38.  Air Conditioning!  LOL

39.  Cupcakes

40.  Girlfriends who have known me since childhood.

41.  People who TRULY believe in me.

42.  My new journey into self love.

43.  Engaging conversation.

44.  New friends.

45.  New opportunities!

46.  Puppy kisses at the very moment you need one!

47.  Unexpected letters of encouragement.

48.  Rain

49.  Fresh air

50.  Singing loudly while driving with the windows down.

51.  Catching the ever more frequent glimpses of the true me.

52.  Publix gift cards in the mail.  (Thanks mom!)

53.  Long hot baths and perfume.

54.  Google (Oh My God what a timesaver!)

55.  Teachers

56.  The Kindness of Strangers

57.  Sunshine!

58.  This Blog (A forum to be able to share with others)

59.  The fact that people actually WANT to know more about me!  LOL

60.  The knowledge I have gained in the last three and half years. 

61.  That I have overcome the fear of finding out what is inside.

62.  That I actually LIKE what I found.

63.  That I am able to freely and completely love others.

64.  That I am learning to allow them to love me back.

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