My true colors are beautiful.

Hi party peeps! How are you today? I hope that life is treating you well and that you are feeling as spectacular as you actually are! 

Today has been one of those days when I’ve been doing a lot of introspective thinking.  I had a conversation with a coworker today about being ones real self and how the world perceives that.  We both agree that people can spot honesty immediately.  Most of the time, people are drawn to this as well.  After a good bit of discussion we both also agreed that the reason for this is because we are all seeking to find our true selves.  We are all seeking to be our true selves even though we often have fears about letting others see that.

So why is this?  Why is it that we hide who we really are from the world sometimes?  Is it because our colors aren’t as bright as others?  Is it because others can’t accept us as we are?  Or perhaps that is just our fear.  Perhaps the reality is that people would love us even more.  Perhaps we are all our own worst critics and that keeps us all in a self-imposed prison for a very long time. 

The truth is, we are all wonderfully made.  We are all different shapes, colors and sizes.  We are all attracted to different people for different reasons.  This fact alone should give us great comfort that there is someone for everyone.  The question is, are you ready for them to find you?  Are you ready to show your true colors?  I sure hope so because your true colors are beautiful!  So are mine.  You don’t need to change.  You don’t need to become “better”.  You don’t need to do anything except be your incredibly fantastic self.  Tell the universe you are ready for all types of love in your life and then open your heart and let it in.  Before you know it, you will be surrounded by loving and giving people.  Every single time.  Isn’t that awesome? 

J106 Cardinal J

Tonight’s J is titled “J106 Cardinal J”.  I picked the cardinal for tonight’s J because I love his colors.  I hope he makes you smile!  Make sure to give yourself a big ole hug tonight.  Don’t forget to give some more hugs away as soon as you can.  Crank up that love carousel baby!

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  1. He’s beautiful!

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