Spring is in the air!

Hello you colorful flowers in this garden of life!  I hope you had a fabulous day.  The weather here was beyond fantastic today.  Not to hot, beautiful and sunny with just the slightest breeze.  GLORIOUS! 

Tonight’s J is titled “J102 Spring Green J”.  I have noticed this past few weeks that I’m more and more drawn to the color green.  I haven’t abandoned my pinks and purples, but now I find myself wanting to pair them with green.  I’m actually contemplating creating a pink and green or lavender, pink and green quilt.  Cause you know, I have like all this extra time.  *coughs and laughs*

J102 Spring Green J

I’m still having some computer issues.  Although I’m beginning to wonder if it’s actually an issue with wordpress.  It seems as if when I post a picture all of the text after that isn’t spaced correctly.  I am going to have to look into this. 
I wanted to ask you a question tonight.  Are you letting the world see your beauty or are you keeping it hidden like the flowers just before they bloom?  Are you sharing your talents with the world or are you keeping them to yourself for now?  If you are hiding them I just want to encourage you to show your colors!  Show your talents!  Let the world see all the awesomeness that is YOU!  You may never know just how much light and laughter you could bring into someones life just by being you.  You’re enough, right now, today, right where you are.  In fact, you are more than enough.  You are spectacular!  Bloom baby bloom!  🙂

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