Bottled Up Joy

Hello my fellow life joy seekers!  I got so caught up in my art tonight that I lost track of time!  I didn’t make my midnight deadline.  This makes me sad but I’m still posting the artwork because I made this committment and I’m keeping it.  I hope you will forgive me being 15 minutes late.

Today I have been doing a lot of thinking about all of the blessings in my life.  I have a wonderful family.  I have the most amazing friends on the face of the planet and I am surrounded by love and light.  What’s not to love?   Someone commented to me yesterday that I’m always happy and uplifting.  That made me laugh because I’m not always happy.  I’m a human being and I have bad days just like everyone else.  I think what people notice about me these days is that when I do have a bad day I don’t allow it to drag me down. 

I am a firm believer in positive thinking and positive actions.  Norman Vincent Peale used to say, “Change your thoughts and change your life.”   I heard that message over and over again before it finally sunk in.  Good thing God didn’t give up on me! 

Tonight as I was trying to decide what I was going to create as my J I knew I wanted to do something different.  I sat down at my table and just began letting my hands move over different things.  I painted a canvas different shades of brown and set it aside.  It wasn’t speaking to me tonight.  Then I painted a little metal washpan.  It’s going to be cute but it wasn’t the J for tonight either.  Finally I picked up one of the bottles that my friends have given me.  I just began to add things to it.  As I worked on it I began to think of all the joy I have in my life and how I don’t always express it.  That’s when I knew that this altered bottle would be tonight’s J.  I have a lot of joy that I keep bottled up and there it was.  J100 Bottled up Joy!  So here she is.

J100 Bottled Up Joy

As I thought about my bottled up joy, it dawned on me that I often keep things inside because I am scared of overwhelming people.  I’m afraid of appearing too happy or too joyful.  Isn’t that crazy?  I’m not really sure where that comes from but I’m making a promise to myself to try not to do that anymore.  Joy and love are good things and I’m going to try to give even more of them.  I believe that we can’t be uplifting to others without lifting ourselves up in the process.  Pretty cool system don’t ya think?  I know I’m on board for it! 
I know you always bring  joy and happiness into my world with your visits.  I love the comments and the uplifting emails y’all send me.  I love the different treasures that y’all share with me.  In fact, this little bottle is wearing a part of a necklace that I bought from my friend Andrea at Rose Tree Originals on Etsy.  I think it’s the perfect match for this piece!  Thank you all for being the rays of sunshine that you are.  Thank you for making my world brighter and much much warmer.  Thank you for not keeping your joy bottled up. 

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