Taking care of me.

Hello my wonderful friends.  Tonight’s post is going to be short for two reasons.  First of all I have to go to work early tomorrow.  Secondly, I have hurt my back today somehow.  I thought for a moment it could have been from the elephant I was flying, but now that I ponder on it a bit I’m more convinced it was balancing on the beach ball while trying to two-step.  In any event, I’m hurting and I need extra rest.  However, I had to come and post my J for y’all today.  Cause, well you are so totally worth the effort and cause that’s just how I roll.  Tonight’s J is titled “J96 Taking Care of Me J”. 

J96 Taking Care of Me J

Have a look in the mirror at your beautiful self.  Oh yeah baby, GORGEOUS! 

Any of you who pray, I would appreciate some prayers for a pain free back when I wake up in the morning.  I’m drinking in the love and healing.  Sweet dreams you little sparkler you!


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  1. I hope your back is better tomorrow! ❤

    • *Hugs* Thank you hon. I actually do feel much better today. Thank you for the thoughts and prayers. 🙂

  2. Back pain is not fun!

    Here’s to free movement…and if not, can you see a chriopractor? They do amazing things for my husband and I, from time to time. (only when we can’t move.) 🙂


    • Thanks Sandi. Today was actually a much better day. Hope yours was great too. 🙂

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