When life is demanding.

Hello dream catchers!  I hope your weekend has been wonderful.  I have had an excellent weekend, albeit a bit demanding.  Mostly it’s been other people who have been demanding but I must confess that the wonder dog has been a contributor too.  You see, the wonder dog is a rescue.  When she was a puppy she was very very sick for a very long time.  Due to her health issues, I couldn’t have her spayed as a puppy.  Now she is three years old and I still haven’t gotten her spayed because of issues in my life.  Mainly financial ones.  She never goes outside off lead because I live in an apt. and not a house with a back yard.  Well, she is in heat right now and she is miserable.  She is so miserable that she has decided that she is going to let me know just how miserable she is by staring and trilling at me.  I have proof that she is doing this. 

Demanding Wonder Dog

I know she is miserable.  I know none of us females enjoy the female issues, but honestly, can you see the face?  She’s like, I’m miserable so I just want you to know it.  LOL  I love her.  She sounds like those tribbles on that episode of Star Trek. 

Because my time has been crunched today I had to settle for a little illustration J tonight.  It is titled “J93 Lavender & Tulips J”

J93 Lavender and tulips J

It’s a little 3 X 3 inch art squared piece.  Speaking of tiny art, here are a couple of the little inchies I’m including in G’s box.  They are so much fun to do but challenging because you are so limited in the space you have to create on.  I’m thinking of plucking some of my hair to use as brushes and try a detailed piece.  These two are one inch squares.  

I want to give you an encouraging word tonight.  If you are feeling that life or people or a job or whatever is being demanding on you, remember that you are stronger than you think and you can handle more than you realize.  Step back and take a deep breath.  Assess the situation and if you can, step away from it for a while.  We forget to find our balance sometimes.  If you can’t, remind yourself that it’s only temporary.  You are so loved and you bring so much wonderment to the world.  Never forget your value.  I won’t!   



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  1. YOu got that right, girl!!! I actually survived my first night ever of 3rd shift, and didn’t sleep other than 1/2 hour yesterday for something like 72 hours straight, and I’m not as young as I once was, lol!!!
    Thanks for the encouragement, and I needed a reminder (seriously) that I’m stronger than I think 🙂

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