Live with expectancy.

Hello you bright lightning bugs!  How was your day?  Mine was great!  I only had to work half a day today.  I was almost home and I got a phone call from the driver at the flower shop.  She was stuck at her last delivery because the van broke down.  I had an opportunity to go and pick her up.  WOOT!  I love being in service to others.  I learn so many things. 

When I got home I took a well deserved and much-needed nap.  Then I woke up and played with the dog for a while before doing some drawing.  I also made up a bunch of cards that I am going to be putting inside a box I’ve made for a friend.  She has just finished chemo and starts radiation soon.  I decided to put a bunch of silly jokes, some uplifting quotes and some tiny art in her box.  All of these things are in little envelopes so she won’t know what she’s getting until she opens one.  She is expecting to get well and I am expecting right along with her.

In fact, I’m living most of my life in great expectancy these days.  I’m learning that when I expect good things to happen, most of the time they do.  When I look for and expect the best from others, I usually find it.  When I expect money to flow to me freely, it comes much more easily than when I worry about how to pay the next bill.  There is great power in expectancy, belief and action. 

Tonight I drew a seahorse J.  I was expecting to color her brightly and have a very colorful piece of art for you tonight.  Unfortunately, when I went to blend the copic colors on the palette I realized my blending pen is empty.  I shall have to travel to the store tomorrow to pick up some more blending solution to refill the blending pen.  I am expecting a great adventure and you can expect to see her all colored in tomorrow.  hehe 

J85 Seahorse J

Isn’t she cute?!  She looks like she’s expecting something too doesn’t she?  Okay I confess, I’m already in love with her.  She is drawn with my Pitt artists pen on a tiny piece of watercolor paper.  The whole piece measures only 3 inches wide by 6 inches long.  I think it’s kinda cool that I can fit so much fun into such a little space. 

Now that you’ve read the most important blog post of your day, *winks* go out and play!  Enjoy your weekend.  Expect a grand adventure, some act of kindness and lots and lots of love.  Then come back here and share some love with me.  I need it just like you do!  🙂   You shimmer like a pearl and shine like the sun.  The rainbows coming out of your ears are pretty nifty too!  You little bling creature you!


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