The Universe Knows.

Hello my fellow instruments of light and love!  Today the universe just spoke to me all day long.  It was mondo cool!  After work tonight I picked up some chinese food for dinner.  As I stood in the lobby waiting I noticed a huge coy painting over the counter.  It was a beautiful realistic painting.  I decided I was going to come home and paint a fish J tonight.  So I did.  🙂   Can you find the J?  I did this with copic markers on watercolor paper. 

J84 Hello Friend J

Remember yesterday when I was talking about taking things at my own pace and just creating because I had too?  Well check out my fortune cookie tonight.  It made me giggle! 

J Fortune

I also went back and added some to the snail.  I like it much better this way. 

J83-B More detailed Snail J

I hope your day was a happy one.  I hope you get a chance to sleep late or take a nap this weekend.   I hope that someone makes you smile.  I hope that you are able to see the wonderment that is you.  Thank you for making a difference in this world that we all share.  Peace and love to you always.


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  1. That fish piece is my favorite of all your work so far. 🙂

    PS- “Instruments of light and love”… You are the cutest! I love, love, love your intros to every post! ❤

    • Hi Jaclyn,
      I’m glad you like the fish. This is a perfect example of how my art shifts when I’m exhausted. I have every intention of making the big sea grass green. I was coloring it pink and thinking, “This isn’t contrasting with this fish like I thought it would.” LOL Well DUH! It’s pink too not green like I had envisioned. Perhaps another fish is in my future. *HUGS* Have a great day hon and thanks for stopping by.

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