Post a day party J!

Hello my sweet ones!  I worked long hours today.  I mean we are talkin like really long hours.  I just barely had time to create a J!  So tonight I created a party J with acrylic paint and lots of glitter.  Glitter is good.  Glitter makes me giggle.  Giggling is good.  Okay so I’m punch drunk.  But hey, I made the J!  I rock!  Oh yeah!  Oh yeah!  I love you peeps!  🙂   You are making the world a much more fabulous place just by being in it.  We won’t even get into your groovy smiles, your piercing gorgeous eyes or the hip slick and cool way you stroll down the street.  All mega cool.  All you.  See why I love you so?

J82 Party J


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  1. How cute!! What would you charge to do one of those with an “E”?

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