Art is spiritual

Hello time power surfers!  How was your day?  It has been hot here in Atlanta.  I have been without air conditioning for three days.  This evening they came and fixed it.  It was such a blessing to finally cool down! 

I spent most of my day today running errands and taking care of household things.  I was quite pleased with my progress on the house for the most part.  I’ve had a hard time keeping up with the drudge work because of my jobs and my art.  One of my friends reminded me tonight that I need to start making lists again.  She is very wise.  She sees my potentials as well as my weaknesses.  Being a very creative person I tend to get distracted.  Especially if something is shiny or speaks to my soul.  LOL  That’s just the way it is. 

My art is very spiritual for me.  So are other artists work.  If something speaks to my soul, I catch myself breathing differently.  Often times after I’ve gasped in wonder at the beauty of a certain piece. 

Tonight’s J is one of the pieces that I do sometimes where the J is part of the piece rather than the main focus.  I designed this little border tonight.  I quite like it and I imagine it’s going to end up being used over and over again in different works.  Tonight I wanted to play with the blending technique for the copics.  I’m fascinated with this blending tool and the different effects I can accomplish with it.  So here is “J74 Art J”.

J74 Art J

I would like to invite y’all to share any art that speaks to your soul.  I love discovering new artists and I love hearing from others how someones work has touched them.  I’m so glad that you come to visit me here.  I’m so touched at the emails you send me and the comments you leave.  I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the encouragement and kind words about my work.  My goal in my art and in my life is to encourage people and create laughter and positive feelings.  I couldn’t do this without all of you.  You are rays of sunshine in my days.  I love you large!  🙂


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  1. YOU are a ray of sunshine in my day!

    I love your art and agree with you that art is spiritual.

    Love, love, love ❤

    • Jaclyn you make me smile girl. *HUGS* 🙂 Sending love right back at ya.

  2. I love how the Js are perfectly intersecting through the border!
    And I couldn’t live without my lists! ok, that’s an exaggeration, but I know I’d forget an awful lot, lol!
    thank you for another smile, you gave me a smile 3 times today, this morning at 5:30 on the way out of the bedroom, I saw my little birdie and she made me smile, made me smile again when I got home & went to change out of my scrubs, and your blog posts always make me smile!
    Thank you for helping me see the joy in life, and for bringing some of that joy into my life everyday 🙂

    • Andrea *Hugs* I’m so glad that you had so many smiles today. I think that is one of the best compliments I get on my work is when people tell me that something I’ve created has made them happy. Even if for only a moment it means I have done something to improve their day. Thank you for sharing that with me. 🙂

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