The Vernal Equinox and art.

Hello you sweet lil duckies!  Tonight I’m going to talk about the vernal equinox and it’s effect on art.  This week I’ve been experiencing another round of artistic dreams.  Last night I woke up dreaming about these goofy looking crows.  They were like cartoon caricatures and they made me laugh.  I also dreamed about a beautiful garden with so much color that it took my breath away.  Who is it that says we don’t dream in color?  I beg to differ!

So what does this mean?  Well to be perfectly honest with you I”m not sure.  I can’t give you a scientific justification for it.  Oh sure, the earth’s axis is situated in such a way that it aligns our equator on the same plane as the center of the sun, but how does this affect us?  I wish I knew.  This year has been filled with new ideas, new energy and a strongly grounded emotional stability for me.  If I’m honest, I have to admit that I am part of the universe, part of this planet and part of source.  That being the case, how can they not affect me? 

Not only am I feeling more artistic energy, but I’m also feeling a deep need to become more still in the mornings and the evenings.  I’m feeling a need to gain more focus and better concentration.  I guess I’m feeling a need to just let go even more and let things happen.  This is difficult for a control freak.  I suspect God finds this humorous as he watches me. 

So tonight I am just celebrating the first day of spring.  I opened all the windows today and let fresh air flow through the house.  Nevermind that the air conditioner is on the fritz, the important thing is that I was able to enjoy the day.  I felt the breezes as they blew gently through the house.  It was nice.

Tonightls J is titled “J72 Spring J”.  It’s a collage piece.  I like the way it turned out.  I love spring and spring colors. 

J72 Spring J

Happy Spring to all of you!  I hope you have flowers blooming near you soon.  I hope you get a chance to take your shoes off and let the grass tickle your toes on a warm sunny day.  I hope you feel the joy that belongs to you simply because you are here.  I hope you feel the love, peace and wonder that surrounds you.  Embrace this new season and celebrate you!


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  1. how lovely!! and yes, my daffodils are blooming… have 3 blossoms right now
    And I very much enjoyed running errands & driving around with the window down feeling the perfect spring air!
    thanks for the smiles, as always!

  2. Hi Andrea!
    It’s so good to see you and hear you are feeling happy today. 🙂 Thank you so much for visiting. It always makes me smile to see you. *HUGS*


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