The power of the J

Helloooooooo lovies!  I worked 10 1/2 hours today.  I am exhausted.  My hair is even tired.  On my way home I was going over all the things I needed to get done before bed.  Walk and feed the dog, create the J, eat, get things ready for mailing, journal and visualize and pray. 

I was tired kids.  Driving home my body was explaining to me that it really isn’t on board for this program.  I had to explain that we ARE on board for the paycheck so you know, deal.  The body was reasonable and acquiesced.  As I drove my mind began creating pictures for me.  These pictures were of all the hats I wear in my life.  Then I began to think of different outfits to go with the hats.  Mostly because this is how my mind functions but also, because, well frankly, that’s just how I roll. 

I’ll share the process for your amusement and enlightenment.  Hats, outfits, shoes, hair, nails, makeup, lipstick color versus eyeshadow color, my face, different faces with different hats, my three favorite hats, my three favorite faces, the three faces of eve……AHAH!  The three faces of the J.  Scarey aint it?  LOL!  So without further silly punchdrunk delay I give you tonight’s J.  “J68 Three Faces of J”.

J68 Three Faces of J

The wonder dog is tired too.  She is so tired she thinks my purse is a good pillow.  I think we shall love ourselves and retire. 

The wonder dog with her purse pillow

Take care of yourself.  Remember your worth and know your value.  Look in the mirror and give yourself a big ole smooch!  You sexy creature you!


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