Grow into your egg.

Hello all of you beautiful magnificent musical notes.  I heard your song today.  This has been the most interesting day.  This morning I had to make some phone calls that I was dreading, but I ate the frog and got it done.  In case you’ve never heard of the book “Eat That Frog” you can see a very short movie about it here.   I HIGHLY recommend it! 

After the phone calls I got busy with my day.  Mostly I was doing drudge work today but it was work that has to be done in order for me to maintain my sanity.  Then this evening I had to have a conversation with someone really important to me.  I had to tell them exactly what I need from them.  I was scared because I didn’t want to cry or appear weak.  Why do we worry about this so much?  Why are we so afraid to reveal our humanity to others? 

The good news is that I did it.  This person listened to me and responded in a very loving and positive way.  It ROCKED!  I walked away feeling stronger than I’ve ever felt and feeling so good about taking care of myself.  It occurred to me that I had to grow into this.  It has seemed like such a hard thing for such a long time, but tonight I was ready,  I had grown into my place.  What a great feeling this is.

Tonight when I was drawing out my J I knew I wanted to paint a bunny.  I’ve got Easter fever.  As I drew the little bunny I was thinking of putting a bunch of little eggs all around her.  Then I got the idea of having one huge egg behind her.  It seemed like the perfect fit tonight.  I mean we are all born small and we have to grow into our lives or our eggs.  Are you still feeling scared or nervous about something?  It’s okay.  You’ll grow into it.  You’ll wake up one day and you’ll just know that it’s time.  And on that day, you’ll grow into your own egg.  Then you can paint it anyway you want!  WOO HOO!!

J66 Grow into your own egg J

 After you get that egg painted another one will come along for you to grow into.  Isn’t the universe cool?  Thank you for all that you add to this world.  Your music, your smile, your heart and your colors are beautiful.  I’m so grateful for all of you.


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  1. I am impressed with your courage. Congratulations and I’m glad that everything worked out so well. People do their best and it is our fault if they don’t know what we want. Sometimes we get it, sometimes we don’t! Fun, charming work. Made me smile!

    • Hi Linda. Thanks for visiting. I’m glad the bunny made you smile. This is what I strive for in my art. 🙂

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