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Hi there all of you wonderful cocreators of love and delight!  Tonight’s post is about blessings.  I know that I share with y’all often about how blessed I am in my life.  Sometimes I forget to remind you guys to sit back and take a look at all of your own blessings.  Please forgive me for this.  It’s just that sometimes when I start counting my own blessings, I get seriously happy and the joy just comes spilling out of me.  I have all of the usual blessings that so many of us take for granted.  Seeing, hearing, a fully functional body.  I’ve also got a roof over my head, electricity, hot water, clean water, food in the pantry, clothes on my body and shoes on my feet.  I also have a car that runs well and rarely gives me problems.

Then I have all this extra stuff too.  A dog that is my buddy and my pal.  Friends that surround me with so much love and caring at times that it takes my breath away.  A mother who loves me and tells me often.  A career that I love.  My own business creating art and handmade soaps that people love and buy from me.  Can you see where this is going?  *grins*

Recently someone said, “But you never talk about the bad things.  Everyone has bad things.  Don’t you have ANY bad things?”  I do.  I have them like everyone else.  The question is though, are they really bad?  I’m recently divorced.  But is it a bad thing that I’m no longer living with someone who didn’t love me?  I’ve been out of full-time work for over two years.  But is it a bad thing that it’s gotten me motivated to build my business stronger and bigger? 

It’s all about perspective for me.  I choose to see the good.  I choose joy.  I choose happiness.  I honestly believe that one day in the not to distant future, I’m going to be happily coupled again.  This time though, he will be a strong loving and positive man.  How do I know this?  Because I choose it.  🙂  I encourage you to choose the good things.  Decide what you want and then see yourself living that life.  Believe it and draw it to you. 

Tonight’s J is titled “J62 Counting My Blessings J”.  I dare you to make one of these with your initial and your blessings.  If you are like me, you will run out of room before you run out of blessings!  And just in case nobody told you today….YOU ARE LOVED! 

J62 Counting My Blessings J

I want to thank you for visiting, but mostly I want to thank you for participating in life.  Thank you for adding your positive spin on this journey of love that we are all on.  Thank you for counting your blessings and for being one of mine!


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