The choice is yours. Why not choose joy?

Hello you incredible smile creators!  Today was a great day for me.  Quite productive and yet so many things left I need to finish.  As I went through my day today I realized that I was having to make one choice after another about certain things.  Some silly things like which socks to wear under jeans that prevent anyone from actually seeing them.  Some more important like which vitamin D to take.  I picked the soft gels by the way.  At one point I said aloud, “Decisions!  Decisions!  Decisions today!” 

Tonight as I was coloring my J I thought about all the different decisions I’ve made in my life and the way they have landed me where I am today.  It’s been said that our thoughts from yesterday place us where we are today.  And our thoughts today will determine our place tomorrow.  I believe this.  I also believe that we make choices everyday to be happy or sad.  We make choices to see beauty or ugliness.  We make choices to find joy or look for reasons to be miserable.  Today I challenge you to choose joy.  Choose joy because you deserve it in your life.  Choose joy because life is too short to waste one more minute than you have too being sad.  Choose joy because the minute you do, it will flood your life and change your existence.  Choose joy because you were made for this. 

Tonight’s J is titled “J59 Choose Joy”.  I hope you enjoy it. 

J59 Choose Joy


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  1. I choose joy & jolly their both bring me happiness! you do such wonderful “J” things! Keep up the good work!!


  2. Hi Dee! It’s nice to see you again! Thanks for commenting. Have a great week hon! *HUGS*

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