The dream crow landed in my studio.

Hello my fellow happy dancing through life buddies!  Today was a most interesting day.  It started out with the sweetest softest puppy kisses you can imagine.  Normally, Maddison is not a morning dog.  She likes to linger in the bed even after I’ve crawled out for the day.  This morning she woke early and was in a very good mood.  I was treated to smooch after smooch and then a serious snuggle.  What a beautiful way to wake up! 

After breakfast and a walk I settled in to work on some art.  I finished a paper mache’ box and another piece titled “Dream”.  I forgot to take pictures while the light was good so I’ll have to share them tomorrow.  I also did some work on my art journal today.  I cut out some little inserts out of some file folders I had in a box.  I made all types of shapes and sizes.  Here is what they look like right after I cut them.

Folders for Journal

I gesso’d these and then added some paint to them.  They look really cool now.  It’s amazing to me how the gesso tones down the color and leaves you with a new blank canvas to work on.  I also forgot to take pictures of these so I will have to show you the final product tomorrow.  I also altered the front and back of my new art journal and created a hand-made card for a friend who is going through chemo right now.  Again, no photo’s.  Suddenly my sassy attitude about my accomplishments today is waining.  LOL

I took a break today and I was reading some dream interpretations.  Recently I’ve dreamed about crows and I was trying to get some information on what that could mean.  As I read I ran across the word “jackdaw”.  I had never seen this word before so I went and looked it up.  It turns out that a jackdaw is a Eurasian version of our black crow only smaller.  I think they are cute!  Not only that but I was handed my J for the day by the universe.  Isn’t that cool?  So here is my rendition of the jackdaw. 

J55 Jackdaw on folder

I drew this little guy on a piece of one of the folders that I had left over.  I wish I had a name for him.  Any suggestions?  I would love to hear from you.   This little bird got me thinking about how sometimes we get answers from sources that we aren’t even looking for.  Each day I try to actively look for a new J.  Each day I try to find a way to express my thoughts to you about things as I search and find my J for the day.  Some days I have to wing it because nothing really jumps out at me.  Other times, like today, it’s handed to me on a silver platter.  I guess that’s the nature of life really.  When we let go and relax, we are often gifted in ways we would never have expected.  When that happens it’s such a lovely surprise. 

I hope you are surprised by something wonderful today.  Whether it’s a big thing or a small thing, I hope the surprise makes you smile.  I hope you take that smile and share it.  Better yet, why not surprise someone else?  I guarantee you that will make you smile!  Have a fabulous day my fabulous peeps.  You are wonderful beyond words!  Thank you for being you and making my world a better place.


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