Homage to Java

Hello all of you spreaders of love and light!  Today’s post is going to be short and sweet.  I’m on a time crunch for a project that I have to complete.  I will post pics when finished I promise. 

Did you ever have a morning where you took that first sip of coffee and it was kind of like being transported to your own personal happy space?  This happened to me this morning.  I am an iced coffee girl.  I love it.  I take mine with cream and either very light sugar or no sugar at all.  This morning I realized just how much I enjoy my morning coffee.  A simple little thing that makes me smile.  I took time today to enjoy it.  What did you enjoy today?  I hope it was something wonderful! 

Today’s J is titled “J54 Java J”.  It’s a 6 X 6 piece done on Strathmore paper with watercolors and my Pitt artists pen.  A simple work for a simple joy. 

J54 Java J

I hope somebody told you that they love you today.  If they didn’t then I would like to tell you.  I LOVE YOU!   I love you because you are you.  I love you because you bring so much joy and wonderment into this universe that we all live in.  I love you because you have gifts and magic and a smile that nobody else in the entire universe has.  You are special and I’m glad you are here.  Hug your beautiful self before you sleep tonight!


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  1. Your blog makes me so happy! Everytime I visit, it puts light back in my heart 🙂

  2. Oh, how I needed that encouragement today, thank you!!!

  3. You girls make me smile! I’m glad you feel happy when you visit. That means I’m doing my job! WOO HOO!

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