Life is a Journey and I’m going first class.

Hello my spiritual athletes!  We’ve all heard the saying, “Life is a Journey”.  This is true, but we sometimes forget this because we are so focused on the destination.  What makes this kind of comical is the fact that each day brings new surprises, new challenges and very often new directions.  How many of us can say that today we are exactly where we thought we would be ten years ago?  I know I certainly can’t! 

I think the secret is not only realizing that life is a journey, but making a decision to travel first class.  Stop and think about that for a moment.  What makes first class different from the back of the plane?  Comfort of course.  What does comfort involve?  More room to spread out, better food and drink and most of all service.  When you fly first class you are treated like royalty compared to the back of the plane.  So why not make a decision to treat yourself this way everyday?  We all have excuses for not treating ourselves in a first class way.  But in the end, they are all just excuses.  It doesn’t matter what is going on in your life, you deserve to be treated well.  It doesn’t matter who is not participating,  you deserve to be treated well.  So this week, make some really great food, drink some really good drinks and treat yourself as if you were royalty.  Do these things because you are. 

J53 Life is a Journey

Todays J is titled “J53 Life is a Journey”.  It’s acrylics on strathmore paper.  India ink writing with an added jewel and silk flowers.  Just a small simple paper piece with a big message. 

Speaking of the journey, check out how cool mine was this past couple of days.  My order arrived from Andrea over at RoseTreeOriginals from her Etsy shop.  Here is the link to her shop.   Go take a look.  She’s got all sorts of goodies for sale.  I ordered some of her fabric scraps as well as some costume jewelry for my altered art.  She’s got the cutest apron and a beautiful custom quilt for sale too!  I love to visit her shop.  Here are the goodies I got in the mail from her. 

Brown Fabrics

Fabric Flowers and border for journal page

Bag of browns and extras she sent

Bracelet and earrings in the bag.Costume Jewelry for Altered Art

As you can see I made out like a bandit!  🙂  The brown fabrics included some material from a quilt she made for her brother who is a soldier in the army.  I feel very honored she trusts me with this fabric.  I plan to honor her brother and others in service with it.  She also sent some freebees.  Thanks Andrea!  There are so many possibilities with the jewelry I purchased.  I also found a bracelet and a pair of earrings that I simply can’t bring myself to alter.  I wore the earrings today.  LOL!  I love the bracelet too.   Within five minutes of getting my fabrics home I had already cut out the dahlia and some other fabrics for a page in my art journal. 

Oh, I forgot to tell y’all I bought a new journal.  It’s a Strathmore and I love it!  I’m not crazy about the cover though so I’ll definitely alter that.  However, the inside is 44 blank thick pages just waiting for my art.  I can’t wait to begin!  Here are some before pics for you.  I’ll post more as I fill the journal.

New Journal

Blank Journal

Okay my beautiful loving babies.  That is all the eye candy for today.  Go out there and enjoy your journey!  Travel first class and give somebody else a first class ticket too!  You won’t regret it.  I promise!  You are LOVED LOVED LOVED!  Thank you for being you!


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