Jump and the net shall appear.

Hello love buggins!  Today I want to talk about feeling the fear and doing it anyway.  Over the last year I’ve had to face many things that I didn’t think I would.  I’ve dealt with a divorce, the death of two friends, some family issues and my own fears.  I’m blessed in the fact that I am surrounded by loving and giving people who have given and continue to give me the courage to just be me.  I wonder sometimes why this is so hard for so many of us.  I listen to my friends and their fears and I think to myself, “That’s crazy!  Nobody sees you that way.”  Or I think, “Are you serious?  I would have never seen you in that light.”  And you know what I have decided?  I have decided that we are all our own worse critics! 

Today I want to encourage you to drop your self-judgement.  Shed that cloak of shame, guilt or self-hate.  Ask God and the universe to help you see yourself the way they see you.  Ask for the same eyes of love for yourself that you have for others.  I know it’s scary, but feel the fear and do it anyway.  You are going to be amazed at the beauty you see when you do this. 

Todays J is titled “J51 Jump J”.  I remember a zen quote from years ago that said Leap and the net will appear.  I altered this just a bit for tonights J.  Artistic license.  😛  

J51 Jump J

This is a small piece painted with acrylics on Strathmore paper.  The butterfly and fern are stickers that I added.  I didn’t adhere it to the canvas.  I just placed it there so you could see better.  This is the same size as the Jiggle J. 

I want to tell y’all that I am a Christian and I believe that God is my net.  I know that the universe is conspiring on my behalf and that wonderful new things are in my future.  I wake each morning in expectation of greatness.  I also believe that no matter what your personal spiritual beliefs are that you are a magnificent and magical creature.  You have strengths and gifts that the world needs.  I need you and so do others.  So JUMP BABY JUMP!!!


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  1. Oh, how I needed to read this… I’ve been kinda down on myself the past few days, PMS hasnt helped, thank you for the new perspective!!!

    • Hi Andrea *Hugs* I’m sorry you are dealing with PMS. No fun. I hope tomorrow will be a better day for you hon. I highly recommend chocolate for this. LOL!

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