Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter.

Hello my fellow beautiful loving beings!  Today has been wonderful.  Not only did I receive several emails and comments today but I got some wonderful news from a couple of friends of mine.  One of my friends has been struggling with a foot wound for over two years now.  He’s diabetic and his doctor wanted to amputate his foot.  I began to pray with him and for him.  He began to visualize himself fully healed.  Over the holidays he was visiting his brother and his foot flared up really badly.  He was forced to see another doctor as he was in another country.  This doctor was a podiatrist.  He put my friend in the hospital, cut away the dead skin and part of the bone.  Sewed the foot up and sent him to the wound center.  My friend is now home and almost healed.  He is expecting to be able to walk without crutches in the next week or two.  HOORAY!   Another friend popped online and shared with me that her depression has lifted and she is feeling like her old self again.  I love to hear stories of healing and growth.  They empower me.

I was blog surfing earlier tonight and I ran across John Archers blog.  He’s over at  He’s got some really good posts and one in particular caught my attention.  He shared a You Tube video and it was EXACTLY what I needed today.  I promptly informed him I was going to steal it and quickly received his blessing.  LOL!  Thank you John!   Here is the video.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! 

Sometimes I forget all of the wisdom contained in Star Wars.  *Grins*  People laugh but seriously, there are some powerful and truthful statements all through that film.  One of my favorite lines is and will always be, “Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter”.  This is so true.  We aren’t bodies trying to live a spiritual life.  We are spirits trying to figure out how to live within the confines of these bodies.  Tonight’s J is titled “J45 Luminous J”.  This is the first time I’ve done a zentangle within a cursive letter.  I kind of like how it turned out.  What do y’all think? 

J45 Luminous J  Zentangle in Cursive J

J45 Luminous J

I hope your day is wonderful.  I hope that you feel the sun on your face and the soft breeze in your hair.  I hope you look in the mirror and see beyond your body and into the spiritual you.  But most of all I hope that when you glimpse that part of yourself that you realize just how wonderful and special you truly are!  Be kind to yourself and others today.  Love Love Love….your power is in your love.


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