Just Be You!

Hello all of you sexy, hawt and amazing creatures!  I just wanted to tell you first off that you are beautiful just as you are.  Tonight’s J came so easily to me that it was amazing.  I watched a show tonight that I have never seen before.  The show is “My Strange Addiction”.   One of the women on this show was addicted to bleaching her skin.  She felt that being dark wasn’t attractive and began bleaching her skin at a young age and continues to do so. 

I was so touched by this that I went to You Tube and looked up the episode.  She’s a beautiful 19 year old young woman.  This made me so sad for her because she can’t see her own beauty.  It has taken me 49 years to get to a place where I can accept myself right where I am.  So I understand the struggle this girl is going through.  I hope that some day VERY soon she will be able to find a way to love herself and accept herself where she is.  Life is too short to live it in fear of what others think of us.  What is important is what we think of ourselves.  I think it’s such a shame that our society makes this such a difficult concept to grasp sometimes. 

J44 Just Be You

No matter what you are struggling with.  Whether your issue is skin color, weight, height, the size of your nose or your ears or your mouth you must remember one thing.  The fact that this person or that person doesn’t love you, doesn’t make you unlovable.  I have learned to apply this concept in my own life and it’s freed me from most of the fears I had of letting others see the real me.  In business as well as my personal life, I remind myself constantly of this.  Don’t worry about the people who say no, they may not be smart enough to say yes.  So you just get out there and you strut your beautiful sexy amazing stuff!  Somebody somewhere is going to see the beautiful and magnificent creature you are! 

I also realized tonight that I never did post the pic of the spirit doll that I made to go along with the altered art poem I wrote for my friend.  Here she is.  I really dig her.  I couldn’t get the lighting right so the picture doesn’t show her at her best, but you get the idea. 

Spirit Doll for E

Thanks for stopping by.  You guys really do make my day!  I read your comments and your emails and they make me smile.  Thank you for taking the time to send some love my way!


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  1. You are SO right about this, it touched me. It’s amazing how much we have in common, I think you are a kindred spirit, as Anne of Green Gables said!
    I’ve struggled with anorexia most of my life, and it wasn’t until 3 years ago when I went through almost a year of counseling from an amazing eating disorder specialist that I really, truly learned to accept myself JUST THE WAY I AM!
    You strut your sexy, beautiful self 🙂

    • Hi Andrea,
      I’m so glad you were able to find a great specialist to help you. I’ve had some amazing therapists along my journey as well. My struggle with food was always on the other end of the pendulum with overeating. Isn’t it awesome when we find that place of self acceptance and self love? 🙂 All kinds of cool things happen then! Have a great day! Thanks for the smile today.

  2. “The fact that this person or that person doesn’t love you, doesn’t make you unlovable.”

    I REALLY needed to hear this encouragement today. Thank youk! My heart felt lighter just from reading your words 🙂

    • Hi Jaclyn,
      I’m so glad you were uplifted. It actually took me years to realize this fact but it’s the absolute truth. *Hugs* Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I just have to say i Love those “J” artwork! You always do a GREAT job in whatever you do! I love my birds and soaps!! Their so happy and they’ve keep me smiling in some low times lately.

    Thank you, YOU ROCK as ALWAYS!


    • Hi Dee,
      It’s so good to see you back and posting! I’m so glad my art has helped you. The two greatest compliments people give me on my art is that it uplifts them and it makes them smile. This is what I always strive for. I’m so glad you are feeling better and things are looking up for you again. Hang in there hon. It’s only going to get better.

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