Learning to let go

Hello gorgeous people!  Today was a reminder to me of a lesson I thought I had learned a while ago.  Today I was reminded that sometimes we simply have to let go and let God. 

I worked at the flower shop today and I had a couple of packages that I’ve been trying to get mailed for a few days now.  You know how it goes sometimes.  You’re doing everything you know to do but nothing is cooperating with you.  Sometimes I swear I think this is the universe whispering to me, “Slow down Jacqueline.  Breathe.  Look at the flowers I made for you.  Also you might enjoy this bird singing”.  We were busy today and I didn’t make it to the post office before it closed.  I just sat there kinda ticked because five minutes earlier and I could have made it.  I HATE to promise things to people and then not be able to keep to my time frame for those promises. 

I took a couple of breaths and said a little prayer.  I switched gears and said to myself, “Okay you can’t accomplish this today.  What CAN you get done”?  I ran to the store and bought some food for the wonder dog.  As I was driving through the parking lot I noticed the hair salon had a sign that announced they were having a sale on haircuts.  I’ve been trying to make the time to get my hair cut for weeks now.  I went in and got a haircut.  I feel like a new woman!  🙂

It’s so funny to me how something as simple as a new haircut can change your entire attitude and outlook about a day.  I walked out of the salon smiling and hair bouncing.  What is it about freshly cut hair that makes it bounce?  The girl gave me a really great haircut and I’m thrilled with it.  It felt good to do something for me again. 

J43 Just let go

So today I had to let go and move forward.  I see me doing a lot of this in my future.  I had a great time making my J tonight.  I got into the flow and it just poured out of me.  I love it when that happens.  It makes me smile.  I hope you all have a MOST SPECTACULAR weekend!  I’m sending out major love and happy vibes to you.  Can you feel it?  Sure you can!  🙂   You’re awesome!


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  1. I needed the reminder to let go too…. my ex is being a jerk and so my son is having a hard time, I’m doing all I can, and been trying so hard to give it to God… so the “Let it go” applied to me too, in a little different way.
    And it’s wonderful to hear you did something for yourself, Jacqueline, you need to feed your own soul sometimes too, to keep pouring out healing to others.

  2. Hi Andrea!
    *Hugs* I’m so sorry you are struggling with things right now. I can tell you that they will eventually get better. I don’t know why it seems like it’s harder to let things go sometimes when they are affecting those we love instead of ourselves. I’m glad that my words touched you today. Your words touch me too. 🙂 Thank you so much for taking the time to share with me here. You are very much appreciated.

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