Art take me away!

Hello cool vibe cosmic boarders!  I went on a trip today.  Unfortunately I was stuck at work so I had to take this trip in my mind.  I imagined myself relaxing in a cabin at the foothills of some mountains.  A quiet little pond near the house.  Wildflowers growing all around.  Rocks and trees to climb on as the breeze blew and the sun warmed me.  It was simply magnificent. 

Sometimes when I close my eyes I can actually feel the warmth of the sun on my face.  I can smell the sweet flowers and the crisp bite of the green grass.  I can feel the cool green carpet of the grass beneath my bare feet.  I can see the deep and vibrant colors of the butterflies and hear the songs of the birds.  Life can be so fast sometimes.  I need to take more time to commune with nature.  It’s healing.  I need that.  Todays J is titled “J41 Art take me away!”   I love the way my art can transport me to places far away.  Not just on canvas but in my mind.  I love the times I simply get lost in the process. 

J41 Art take me away

The more I think about art, not just mine but art in general, the more I think of it as powerful magic.  In an instant I can be moved to tears or anger or laughter.  I can be taken out of my problems and pulled into a page full of colors or pattern or a combination of both.  It’s like an orgasm for the eyes and spirit.  And on those occasions when a piece of art completely steals my heart, there is no going back for me.  I am putty in its hands.  Shaped and molded as it’s beauty softy caresses and pulls me in closer to kiss me ever so gently to ensure our bond is forever.


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