Pushing through exhaustion into win.

Hello my fellow love lights.  When I began this Journey of the J, I knew I was making a commitment not only to create a J a day but also to post about it once a day.  The last couple of days have been very challenging.  I’m a floral designer and I work very long shifts during the busy holidays.  Valentines is the busiest day of the year except for mother’s day. 

Today was exceptionally challenging.  We had some difficult customers today.  We also had lots and lots and lots of flowers that had to be processed and put in the cooler for tomorrows designs.  I’m exhausted and frankly my bed is calling my name.  The thing is, I want the win.  I want to be able to sit back at the end of 365 days and say, “I did it.”  I want to be able to feel the sense of pride I know I’m going to feel when this journey is complete.  So I’m pushing through the exhaustion today, keeping my commitment and moving one step closer to the win.  Thank you all for being patient while I get through this next few days.  Y’all ROCK!   Today’s J is titled, “J35 Bubbling J”

J35 Bubbling J

J35 Bubbling J


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  1. I’m glad I rock

  2. Thank you for sharing, even through your exhaustion, only a couple more days before the Valentine’s craziness is over, lol!

    • Hey Andrea,

      Yes! Two more days! Talk to you soon. 🙂

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