Lift them up in love.

Hello all of you fabulous smiling faces!  I want to thank those of you who took the time to email me or send me an IM about my post yesterday.  I wanted to address something that I didn’t go into much detail about yesterday.  That is, what I feel, is the best solution to those people who ignore or treat poorly those who are different.  This is a tough one because it takes a conscious decision.  That decision is to forgive them and lift them up in love. 

I know this sounds counterintuitive and sometimes it is.  But I believe with everything in me that this is the answer.  How does one open another’s eyes?  With patience and kindness and exposing ones own humanity and frailties.  The truth of the matter is that we all have fears, scars and warts we don’t want others to see.  The funny thing is, even as we grow in love to others, we may still guard our own scars.  We are so convinced that our particular brand of ugly is so much more pervasive than the average person.  How many of us are walking around feeling like nobody would love us if they really knew our secrets? 

The truth is, it is in acknowledging our weaknesses that we find our strength.  And in finding our strengths, we are able to face the world in a whole different way.  We are able to walk into the sunshine without fear of the shadows behind us.  We are able to lift others up in love until they see who we really are.  It is then that they will recognize the fully capable, loving forces that humans really are.  If they look through you, lift them up in love until their eyes are opened enough to look at you.  When you catch their gaze, smile and let them see the love.  It’s the most amazing power in the universe.  Omnipotent it is. 

J33 Lift them up in love J

J33 Lift them up in love

Todays J is titled J33 Lift them up in love.  You can do this, but will you?  If you will do this, you will find unwavering joy in this exercise.  I can’t wait to hear some of your stories!  Peace, love and joy to you all.


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