J is for Jelly Beans and Laughter

Hello happy spirits!  Today was a day filled with good food, laughter, friendship and creativity.  I woke up early and had a nice little game of toss with the wonderdog.  She has a tug toy that she adores.  Her new favorite game is bringing me the toy then seeing if she can grab it again before I can.  LOL  It’s hysterically funny.  This dog makes me laugh every day.

I had lunch with a friend today.  She is recovering from a hip replacement after her back deck collapsed with her on it.  She fell about 20 feet onto her glass table and then her propane grill fell on top of her.  She was in the hospital and then rehab for months.  She’s starting to walk some without her walker now so we went to lunch.  It was a good meal and I was glad to be able to spend some time with her. 

I had every intention of making soap today but that didn’t happen.  I got home a bit later than I expected.  I had to take care of some business emails and then my mind began racing again.  I had to sit down and sketch out some more ideas.  I worked on two of my paintings and then it was time to feed and walk Maddison again. 

Tonight I was having a hard time thinking of an idea for my J.  None of the ideas I had seemed right.  I actually googled “words that begin with J”.  LOL  How lame is that?  I scrolled down the list and nothing…nothing..then I saw it.  Jelly Beans!  I LOVE jelly beans.  And if you are interested, here is a bit of odd trivia about me.  I hate licorice.  Black or red it matters not.  But black jelly beans.  I Love Love Love them!  Bizarre I know.  What can I say?  I’m weird sometimes.  So I give you todays J.  It is titled “J is for Jelly Beans”.  I hope you like it. 

Jelly Bean J

J31 J is for Jelly Beans

Sweet dreams when you go.  I hope you rest peacefully and wake up rested, refreshed and ready to face another day.  You are a fabulous magnificent creature!  Remember this as you drift off to dreamland.


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