My art has made me a chicken!

Hello my warm fuzzy snuggle bunnies!  Today was a glorious day!  It was sunny and warm here.  The wonderdog and I had a lovely little walk.  I got all of my laundry done and had time to do some painting today.  I’ve got three paintings going at one time right now.  I’ve never done this before but I’m enjoying the flow of creativity so I’m letting her have her way. 

I had a conversation today with a friend.  We were discussing our different philosophies on our creative endeavors.  That discussion led me to basically tell this person to stop being afraid of their talent.  Later I got to thinking about the times in the past I have felt fear.  I, like everyone, have had fears about different facets of my life.  I found myself thanking God for helping me overcome those fears.  Then I giggled and exclaimed, “Thank you God that I am no longer a chicken!”   I have truly experienced life healing through his love and my art. 

That remark made me think about chickens.  That made me laugh even more because I thought about how goofy I would look dancing as a chicken.  Then I decided that if I were to be a chicken I would simply have to insist on being a fancy chicken.  There would have to be chicken shoes and a chicken mall.  Not to mention chicken jewelry.  So I give to you todays J.  It’s my 30th J.  This still completely amazes me. 

Fancy Chicken J painting

J30 Fancy Chicken J

I was going to make one of her feathers into a J but I decided instead to give her a little J bling.  LOL  I had so much fun painting her.  I love days like this!  Peace, love and all things wonderful to you.  Hug your most beautiful self today.


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  1. I kept scrolling, and reading, and scrolling, and then the chicken popped up and made me laugh out loud. How cute. Love the color. Thanks for visiting me, and I’ll certainly subscribe and keep in touch with you. I love finding new artists on WordPress. It’s why I’m here.

  2. I’m so glad she made you laugh! 🙂 That is one of the best compliments I ever get on my art is when people tell me that it makes them laugh or smile. Thank you so much for coming to visit and I hope you’ll come back often. As you can see I’m 30 days into a commitment to create a J a day for 365 days. It’s really been fun and definately a learning experience.

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