Could 2012 have anything to do with my J?

Hello you gorgeous creatures!  Today I was talking with a friend about some recent television shows we have watched about the year 2012 and the debate as to the impending doom of the human race.  Personally I don’t buy it.  I think the myan calendar ends there because they decided that was long enough and the next generation would continue it.  I do however have some belief in how the planets are aligning and how it’s contributing to creativity and such. 

I’ve noticed this past year that I’ll have actual waves of creative thought.  These aren’t just small ripples either.  They are borderline tsunami type waves.  I’ve even begun to keep a sketch pad by my bed because I am dreaming so frequently and so vividly lately.  My belief is that 2012 is ushering in a new age of creativity and human compassion.  I see it all around me.  More importantly for me, I feel it all through my being.  I feel more connected to the earth, my friends and family, my dog and my art.  Todays J is an example of this. 

Altered Art Cottage Chic J canvas

J29 Cottage Chic J

I love cottage chic decor.  I love looking at cottage chic altered art as well.  I rarely ever create it though.  I’ve been thinking of this canvas for a couple of days now.  Tonight when I started working on it, it just flowed naturally.  I even sewed the flower for it from several different layers of lace.  As I was going through my collection of ephemera I found several sayings that just struck a chord with me.  I added these to the piece as well.  I’m very pleased with the way it turned out.
It seems I’m “in the zone” more and more these days.  I like it.  No, I actually love it.  Right now I’ve got several mache’ boxes in the works, some altered bottles waiting to be finished and a picture frame I’m working on.  My only complaint about all of this is there isn’t enough time in my day!  LOL 
I hope you all have a wonderfully fandamtabulous weekend!  Give away some extra hugs, smile an extra smile and perform a random act of kindness.  Come back here and tell me what you did and I’ll send you a free goody if you want.  🙂  

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  1. Love this word: fandamtabulous. And I agree with you, the world isn’t going anywhere. I remember when everyone was stocking up for the turn of the millennium. How silly. I also agree with your philosophy of being kind and loving. That’s the ticket, I am sure. I’m glad you’re in the zone, and I feel similarly though I always get this way when it’s raining. Looking forward to reading more of your posts. Your happiness is infectious. Patsye

    • Hi Patsye,
      Thank you so much for visiting! I’m glad I was able to impart some happiness into your day. You just gave me some too! *Hugs* See you soon hon.


  2. Hello, J! I wanted to tell you 2 things… one, I understand about the creativity, it seems like it’s just flowing & there aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything my mind is coming up with and envisioning!
    Number two… you go, girl, with the cottage chic look, it’s what you love doing, so make your heart happy and have at it! And you create some amazing things!

  3. Hi Andrea,

    Thanks so much for the visit and the comment. I take it as a HUGE compliment coming from you! I love love love the things in your shop! Amazing. I don’t know how you do it with two little ones and a fulltime job to boot! You’re such an inspiration. Have a great week.


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