Birthday dinner at the Varsity and a Blue J

Hello all you giggling, chocolate eating, happy dancing beautiful people!  Tonight was a fun night.  Mom and I went to the Varsity for her birthday dinner.  Since she has moved to Fla. my mom rarely gets to eat at the Varsity.  So, I wasn’t really surprised when she requested this for her birthday meal.  She had a serious jones going on for a chili dog and a PC.  For those of you who don’t know, a PC is a half pint of chocolate milk.  I have no idea where this name came from.  I need to research this.  The following pics are my mom enjoying her Varsity chili dogs. 

Eating the hotdog first bite.

YUMMMMMMM The first bite!

Doesn’t she look completely happy?  LOL  I think she’s so cute in this pic!

Finishing first hotdog

Now THIS is a good hotdog!

I have to admit the Varsity has some of the best hotdogs in Atlanta.  They are certainly not health food but ohhhhhh so very good! 

Opening cupcakes

Yay! Cupcakes too!

After dinner I surprised her with some gourmet cupcakes.  We both love sweets so we each had a cupcake.  This left her four more to take to her friends and share.  I love the smile on her face in this pic. 

By the time I got home, put the laundry in, walked the wonderdog, fed her highness, sent some business emails and fixed some tea it was 11:30.  I still hadn’t made my J for the day so I sat down to draw.  I ended up drawing an abstract Blue Jay bird.  I think he’s kinda groovy.  What makes him even more groovy is that I finished him before my deadline.  WOOT!  Yay me! 

Picture of Abstract Blue Jay

J28 abstract Blue Jay

This next week and a half is going to be challenging.  I’m working at the flower shops in preparation for valentine’s day.  I’m also working for valentine’s day.  It’s going to be interesting to see what kind of J’s I am able to produce under extreme stress and low energy.  I hope y’all keep checking back.  Your emails and comments keep me smiling and on track!  Peace, love and major snuggles to you all.


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