The Power of the Doodle.

Hello my fabulous wonderful groovy hipsters.  Oh stop rolling your eyes, you know you’re smiling!  Tonight’s post is about the power of the doodle.  Do you ever just start doodling for no reason?  How about when you’re on the phone?  This is what happened to me tonight.  I answered my phone only to find a distraught friend on the other end.  I won’t go into details here to protect the innocent, but suffice it to say she was not a happy camper.  I had just sat down to begin my J for the day so I had my notepad in my hand.  I just began drawing flowers for some reason.  After I had a row of them it dawns on me, cause you know I’m quick like that, hey I can make this my J! 

J27 Doodle J

As I thought about this I realized just how much power the doodle has.  Many a million dollar idea has begun with the doodle.  The doodle has been used to convey many different ideas including the abstract.  The doodle has been used to propose marriage, announce a pregnancy and even say goodbye.  Most of my doodles make me smile.  I suppose because I mostly doodle while on the phone.  Kind of like the artists version of the smoker who smokes more on the phone.  I like the freedom my brain experiences when my hand just draws whatever.  It’s relaxing. 

This post a day 2011 challenge really has begun to change me on many levels.  I find myself thinking in the middle of the day about how I need to finish my J before it gets too late.  Having the freedom to make any sort of J I desire has also inspired my other art for the better.  I think this is because I don’t have the self-imposed mental stress with my J’s that I have with my other art.  If I’m rushed, oh well, a simple drawn J it is.  On the other hand, if I have time, I am often surprised at the different ideas that come to fruition.  Making the commitment to post my J a day has also helped me see how quickly a body of work can develop.  I can’t believe I’m already 27 days in.  This is giving me inspiration to create more art, better art and more meaningful art.  This is definitely a good thing.  Peace and love to you all.  Find something to giggle about tomorrow.  Come share your giggles if you are so inclined.  I love hearing from y’all.


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