An American Princess in a Chinese Restaurant

Hi all of you fabulous creatures.  Today has been a most wonderful day.  My mom and I had dinner at my favorite chinese restaurant.  I love this restaurant because the food is always good and because the service is impeccable.  They have a waiter there who always asks me to marry him.  LOL  Tonight as we were taking our seats he came over and smiled and hugged me as he always does.  I introduced him to my mom and then we ordered our food. 

He brought the soup first.  My mom loves hot food.  I mean REALLY hot food.  She requested they amp up her soup with extra heat.  Our waiter hurried over to present her with the creation.  My mom took a sip and gave him the okay.  He smiled and started talking.  He said to my mom, “I’m so happy to meet you.  I am hoping to be your son-in-law someday.”  LOLOL  I wish I had a camera so I could have captured the look on her face.  I explained that he teases me like that all the time and my mom laughed with us.  Then he says to her, “Your baby, she is so sweet.  She is like a princess.”  I just shook my head and laughed. 

After dinner my mom wanted candy so we drove to the local drug store and she picked out several different candies.  She bought me a bar of Lindt dark chocolate with sea salt.  Let me just say YUMMMMMM!  She also bought a bar of their dark chocolate with chili peppers.  This has always confused me.  People who like hot with sweet.  It confuses me because I can’t hang.  Tonight as my mom was savoring her candy bar she offered me a piece.  I accepted and took a bite.  At first I only tasted the deep rich chocolate.  I’m on board with this.  Then it happened, I swallowed.  Oh my God!  The heat from the chili’s almost choked me.  I think it was so shocking because I wasn’t expecting it.  I mean how can you not taste the chili on the tongue but then experience the heat as you are swallowing?  I returned my piece of chocolate torture back to my mom.  She was amazed that I didn’t like it.  She happily took it from me and proceeded to eat it with absolute delight.  I had to smile as I watched her.  She was taking such joy in her heat infused confection.  I love the differences in us.  I love the similarities too, but the differences often make me giggle as they did tonight. 

Todays J is titled. J24 Princess J.  I had a wonderful day and evening.  I hope you all did too!  I love each and every one of you.  Go and look in the mirror, give yourself a smooch and say, “I LOVE my beautiful self!”  🙂  

J24 Princess J


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