Powerful Stuff in the Night Air

Hello all you happy moon beam chasers!  Todays blogerific thoughts are pretty mellow.  It’s been pretty clear at night here the last few days.  I’ve actually been able to look up and see the stars.  This is semi rare in the city because of all the lights.  The least bit of haze and the stars hide.  I was looking at the stars earlier tonight and was wishing we had more birds and wildlife here.  I thought about how groovy it would be if I had an owl that came to visit often.  I caught myself singing Powerful Stuff by Sean Hayes.  That song just makes me smile every time I hear it.  Todays J is titled Powerful Stuff in the Night Air.  I hope it makes you smile.

J23 Powerful Stuff in the Night Air

And just because I think everyone should hear this song.  Click on the window and listen to Sean Hayes singing Powerful Stuff.   I doubt you’ll be able to sit still.  Peace, love and smooches!   Thank you for being the wonderful perfect creatures you are.


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