Riding the Rainbow

Hello all of you beautiful rays of sunshine! Today I worked at the flower shop half a day. Here in Atlanta it got up to 72 degrees and it was sunny and beautiful. I stopped in and had an iced coffee after work. I overheard a discussion about container gardening. This led to another discussion about community gardens which led into another discussion about sustainable resources. Someone made the comment that all you need these days is a good light source and some water with nutrients and you can grow anything. They made the point that as long as you have these things you can grow anything. Someone else made the comment that you have to care for the plants. Citing studies where different plant forms were subjected to different levels of abuse and how they responded.

Hydroponics and plant torture aside I feel like love is the most sustainable resource we have. I mean think about it. We come into this world wanting to give and receive love. As we grow this is either nurtured or not. When it is nurtured, it’s a natural progression into more giving and receiving love. When it’s not nurtured our injured hearts still seek it. The more we mature and grow the more we desire this. We may get into a relationship that fails miserably. Maybe it’s through no fault of our own. Perhaps our significant other is a drug addict, alcoholic, sex addict, gambler or even realizes they are gay. Even the most damaged heart still longs for love. Oh yes, we as humans devise all sorts of different ways to protect our hearts from more hurts, but the desire remains nonetheless. The deepest fear still can’t kill this desire.

The wonderful thing about love is that when our hearts are open to it, we suddenly find ourselves surrounded by it. I’m not just talking about romantic love either. I’m talking about the basic love that we have for our fellow-man. And you can give love every waking moment of the day and you’ll never be able to give away more than you get back. It may not come back to you exactly the way you gave it, but come back to you it will. So you might be asking yourself right now, “So you’re saying that from the depths of the darkest soul there is light?” Yep, that’s what I’m saying. I dare you to give a try.  Open up your heart and ride the rainbow.

Todays J a day is for all you heart risk takers out there.  Thank you for being the people you are.  Thank you for spreading good karma and sunshine throughout your world and into mine.  Let that love flow my babies! 

J22 Riding the Rainbow

Acrylic paints on gesso primed canvas board.  I love the way this turned out.  As you all know I love color.  In this work I’m also quite taken with the play of black against white with the strong colors.


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