A strawberry cupcake for the fish.

Hello my fellow love travelers!  Today was most magnificent.  It turns out that I didn’t have to work today.  This was a gift from the universe.  The sun was shining.  It was a clear and beautiful day outside.  I took the wonderdog for a walk and we began our day with a long talk and lots of kisses.  Okay, I did most of the talking but hey, she’s an excellent listener and sometimes I get lost in the conversation. 

I finished my cleaning today and even managed to sort through some paperwork.  I happily tossed out over half of it and felt a broad smile across my lips as I lavished praise upon myself for yet another purge.  The satisfaction I feel as a direct result of letting go of the unecessary extras in my life grows with each toss.

Today as I reviewed the past few weeks I felt a growing sense of accomplishment.  It’s one thing to tell yourself that you are going to let go and move forward and a totally different thing to actually do it.  I thought about how I am most certainly just one fish in a big ocean of those also inclined to hold onto things a wee bit too long. 

Then I thought about how wonderful it must be to be a fish.  Just swimming around all day nekid (that’s how we spell it in the south LOL).  I’ve been skinny dipping before.  It’s one of the most freeing feelings I’ve ever had.  The only drawback I could see, aside from predators which I quickly dismissed because this is, after all, my little fantasy, was the fact that there would be no cupcakes in my underwater world.  That’s when it occurred to me that this wasn’t a problem after all.  I mean if I can completely rid my world of predatory behavior in my world, why couldn’t I add cupcakes? 

So my wonderful, beautiful and amazing friends…I give you J20 Tempting the Fish. 

J21 Tempting the Fish

I was okay with my J being the hook since it was delivering cupcakes instead of worms!  🙂   Peaceful happy dreams to you all.  I’m sending so much love your way!


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