My sweater made me cry today.

Yes, you read that correctly.  My sweater made me cry today.  What began as a decrapification of my art studio slowly made its way into the other areas of my living space.  First the coat closet in my living room.  Next came the laundry area.  Then the drawers in the kitchen.  This was an interesting exercise which resulted in me taking a serious look at why I had so many cookie cutters when I rarely ever bake. 

Today I cleaned out my walk in closet.  Since I am single, I have the luxury of using half of this space for clothing and the other half for much more important things such as a fabric stash, cutting boards and various and sundry sewing supplies.  After culling a good bit on the sewing side of the closet it was time to begin on the clothes. 

I dove head first into this task.  I had several items that were the wrong color, the wrong size, the wrong length, out of style or simply not my style.  Undaunted I continued with a certain degree of zest and self adulation at my focus and determination.  That’s when it happened.  My hand landed squarely on my favorite sweater. 

Now you need to understand that this isn’t just any sweater.  This is my favorite sweater.  I’ve owned this sweater for years.  When I first laid eyes on this sweater it was love at first sight.  It was soft and warm and I felt so beautiful wearing it.  It was one of those pieces of clothing that come along once in awhile and steal your heart. 

Tonight as my fingertips fluttered over the velvet soft yarn I drank in all of the rich colors.  Burgundy, deep blues, greens and deep purples all on a background of solid darkest black.  This sweater spoke to my soul with it’s deep lush colors.  It wrapped me in it’s warmth and whispered in my ear as I wore it what an amazing woman I am. 

So today as I took an honest look, it broke my heart to see how threadbare it was.  So thin in certain spots that when held up to the light, it could no longer block it out.  I had to finally acknowledge the small hole just under the left arm.  Then my eyes glanced at the cuffs of the sleeves.  Those beautiful flutter sleeves were also showing signs of wear.  It was time.  Time to say goodbye. 

I hugged my sweater.  I did and I freely admit it.  I closed my eyes and remembered all of the wonderful times I had while wearing it.  I must have spent a good fifteen minutes just reminiscing about good things from my past.  Then I had to place it in the trash bag.  I couldn’t believe I was crying but there were the tears.  It dawned on me at this moment that I had to let go of this sweater in order to make room for the next fabulous piece of clothing that was going to come into my life.  It’s like that with a lot of things I suppose.  Saying goodbye is so hard sometimes but the surprises around the next corner make it all worthwhile.   Thank you my beautiful sweater for all of the warmth and beauty you gave me. 

Todays J is called Racy Lacy J.   Last week I bought some new red nail polish.  I shop for nail polish like most women.  I like the color I take it home.  It wasn’t until I started painting my nails that I noticed the name on the bottle, racy red.  It made me giggle.  I painted my toes too.  Generally speaking, I’m a pink girl.  However, winter calls for darker colors sometimes so I aquiesced and brought it home.  Tonight as I was drawing my J I started off with the idea of hearts on the J.  Then I added the lace around the edges.  I laughed as I heard myself speaking outloud, “Ohhhhhh Lacy!”  Pure silliness of course but hey, that’s who I am.  Hence the Racy Lacy J.  LOL  Enjoy.  Love each other.  Do something nice for somebody who is being mean.  They are probably just having an off day.  More tomorrow my beautiful people!

J20 Racy Lacy J


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