Altered art J and preparing for a visit.

J19 Altered Art J

I made an altered art J for today.  I found so many things I had forgotten I had when I was cleaning my studio.  Everytime I clean or rearrange I end up doing at least one altered art piece.  I’ll find something and say to myself, “Oh yes!  That would look so cool!”  And I’m off to the races.  LOL

The J is cut from a napkin that I modge podge’d onto the canvas board.  I added dried flowers, lace, crystals and the sweet little girl with her doll in the upper left corner.  Something about her sweet face touches me deeply.  I still have to go over the entire piece with sealer, but I wanted to snap a pic before I ran out of time tonight. 

My mom is coming for a visit tomorrow.  I think she’s staying for a week but I’m not sure yet.  Sometimes she stays a bit longer, sometimes not as long.  She is going to teach me how to make her homemade vegetable soup while she’s here.  I’m really looking forward to it.  Her vegetable soup the the bomb!  Actually, everything she cooks is good.  I’m excited!  I’m grateful for the gifts she brings to the world including but not limited to her cooking.

While I was working on this piece tonight I began to think about what it means to really love someone.  I’m not just talking romantic love here.  Although this certainly applies in that arena as well.  I think there are so many variables in peoples relationships, but I also think there are or should be certain constants as well.  For instance, if someone doesn’t listen to me I don’t feel loved by them.  Respect is another biggy with me.  I spent alot of years hanging out with people who didn’t respect me.  I don’t do that anymore.  I realized that I was looking for them to validate me in some way.  I was looking for that acceptance everyone wants.  But I found out that really the only person who matters when it comes down to acceptance is me.  When I found out who I was and I began to love me, right here, in this moment, in this body, in this skin that’s when my life changed. 

You give people enough time and they will reveal themselves to you.  Not the person they want everyone else to see, but the real honest to God them.  It’s in this reveal that you will find out if they are healthy for you or not.  If they’re not, you find the courage to walk away.  If they are, it’s often a beautiful and surprising thing.  Don’t listen to what the world tells you.  It’s all about the insides baby.  It’s all about the insides.  Peace and love to you all.  I’m going to go to bed and dream about glitter, roses and more altered art.


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