Gratitude, a Tied up in Knots J and a very disgruntled dog.

J18 Tied up in knots

Today I was reviewing all of the things in my life I have to be grateful for.  I am grateful for the same things most of us are or should be grateful for.  You know, able body, warm place to live, snuggle puppy to sleep with, food on the table and shoes on my feet.  After I ran through that list I realized just how grateful I am for all of my friends and my mentors. 

I’ve had so much going on in my life this last few weeks that I’ve often felt like I was tied up in knots.  It dawned on me today how blessed I am to have people in my life to offer me an olive branch to grab onto during these times.  I got a phone call from a friend who called just to tell me how much she loves me and that she had something to tell me.  The thing she wanted to tell me was what a good person I am and how much of a positive impact I have had on her life.  I was speechless.  I mean I was very touched by her words but I was also surprised because I see that so much in her.  And I told her that.  She laughed and said that I crack her up because I’m so unaware of the affect I have on other people.  I guess she’s right.  I never really give it any thought.  I try to be a good person and I try to walk in love.  I so often feel that I’m falling short in that area. 

My mentor reminded me this week how long it’s been since I’ve stopped and really taken care of myself.  He wasn’t just talking about eating healthy and getting enough sleep.  He was talking about doing the little things for me that make me smile and giggle.  Silly things like painting my toenails or dancing to music that I really love.  I have a tendency to get busy and forget to do those things.  I’m working on changing that.  🙂 

The wonder dog would not be so quick to agree that I’m a sweet person tonight.  I have rearranged my art studio so that she can’t get to the windows.  I did this because she is overly protective of her space and she loves to jump up in the window and bark at the neighbors.  As I live in an apt. this is not cool.  She also broke two of my blinds which have to be replaced.  They were supposed to come today but they didn’t show.  I’ll have to call them tomorrow.  Here is the new layout in the studio.

Rearranged Studio

And this is the picture of the disgruntled dog.  She lay on the sofa for an hour and just stared at me.  I suppose in the morning dog cookies will be required to soothe her hurt lil puppy feelings.  

You don't love me anymore. I can tell because I can't look out the window now.


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