Commitment and a neon J

Hello my fellow seekers of love and light!  Today brought a couple of surprises my way.  I worked half a day at the flower shop today.  It’s really cold here in Ga. right now.  Granted, we aren’t having the single digits and minus temps of our northern friends but 24 is cold for us nonetheless.  So onto the surprises.  My first surprise today was how incredibly happy I felt when I left work today.  I really have no explanation for it except the sun was shining and I just felt happy to be alive.  The second surprise came when I logged onto my soapmaking forum and had the sweetest message from a friend.  The title of this message was…..Has anyone told you….I opened the message and it said… that you are BEAUTIFUL and FABULOUS?  Just wondering.   And yes she bolded and pinked up those words for me.  LOL! 

This message reminded me once again of my commitment to love others in all things even when it’s hard.  It reminded me of my commitment to love myself in all things especially when it’s hard.  And let me tell ya, lately it’s been hard.  But here’s the thing….it ALWAYS comes back to me.  And lately, in the most silly and yet amazing ways.  I’m grateful for my life.  I’m grateful for my faith, for my health (which is improving daily), for my family and my friends.  I’m grateful that I’m so surrounded by loving giving people who teach me constantly through their kindness how I can be a better person.  I’m grateful for their honesty which gives me the courage to be more honest with myself.  And I’m grateful for this big black silly lab mix dog that is currently sound asleep on the sofa.  She is a constant reminder that all is well.  I am commited to her.  I am commited to myself.  I am commited to this J a day project and I am commited to seeking a higher me.

Today I was thinking of painting a neon pink flamingo sign.  I decided against it for now but I may revisit that idea later.  This idea led me to todays J though.  I decided to draw a pink neon J.  I think I can accomplish a much more realistic look with paints, but I was running out of time and I wanted to make sure I made my deadline today.  Mission accomplished!  This silly little J a day project is already teaching me many things and I’m only 15 days in.  I’m sure as we continue along this journey much more will be revealed.  So here is todays J. 

J15 Neon J


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