Decrapifying and Vitamin J

Hello you sexy groovy happy people!  Today has been pretty good.  I’m in the middle of a major cleanout of my art studio.  As I was going through mountains of books, magazines, patterns and knick knacks for altered art I was forced to ask myself a question.  How the hell did you collect all of this????!!!  How does one person collect so much stuff? 

The answer seems to be because I’m just so stinkin creative.  LOLOL  Seriously though, I can look at something broken or tattered and think “Oh!  I can totally do something with that!”  The ideas are solid, the concepts are good but then I have the issue of time to deal with.  I had to ask myself today if I was really going to use this or make that.  Mostly it was an easy task and I’m happy with the decrapification that has taken place so far.  I still have some to do but I’m making it happen. 

As I was cleaning today I stopped to take my vitamins and I had an inspiration for the J for the day.  I opened the bottle of vitamin B and voila’ my J appeared.  hehe  So here you have it.  Todays J a day.  Vitamin J. 

J14 Vitamin J

This made me giggle when I made it.  I don’t know why but it did.  I’m working tomorrow so I’ll have to wait to finish cleaning until after work.  I hope y’all have a great night and a fantastic weekend!  Sending you all love and good vibes.


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