The love of Delilah and a Rose covered J

Hello gorgeous lovlies!  Well today was a banner day!  I took my car Delilah into the auto repair shop.  Three hours and $225.oo later she was looking as magnificent as ever.  She glistened in the sun and when I turned the key she purred like the lovely black kitten she is.  I love this car.  She and I have a connection.  I take care of her and she carries me to all points north south east and west.  For the last week she has been complaining about this.  You would have to understand Delilah’s temperament to understand this needed my immediate attention.  It turns out that Delilah had a bad bearing and it was putting undue stress on her belts.  She now has a new bearing and brand new belts.  It’s amazing what a new item of clothing or jewelry can do for a girl.  All is well in carland again.  *beams* 

I drew while I was waiting for Delilah to be released from the greasy but masterful hands of her mechanics.  Todays J is another girly J.  I had the idea in my head of painting tons of flowers all around a J.  This wasn’t possible with colored pencils and a sketch pad, but I did the best I could do.  I actually like it quite a bit.  Feel free to leave any comments. 

J13 Flower Covered J

I also wanted to post a thought here and if any of you would like to start a conversation about this feel free.  I think it’s kind of important for everyone, not just artists.  I read an article on Carol D O’dell’s blog.   She made some really good points about the way we struggle.  But I have to say that I truly believe we can all overcome these fears and feelings when we step into who we really are.  I personally love Carol’s style of writing.  And I totally get that when we don’t find ourselves receiving the reactions that we think we should with our work, that we can feel rejected.  But here’s the thing, is it really their rejection or our fear of that that is the problem?  I honestly believe that we shouldn’t worry about the ones who say no.  They may not be smart enough to say yes.  No matter what other people think, do or say I’m an artist a designer and a soap formulator.  Whether or not other people place value on what I’m doing or not has absolutely no bearing on my truth.  Just my opinion, but that’s how I roll.  Have a great night.  Throw some love out into the universe and smile when it comes back.


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