One tired girl and a J a day anyway.

Hello my beautiful blog reading, love giving, sunshine spreading magnificent people!  I worked today and then I ran all of the errands that I tried to run yesterday.  The good news is they don’t think it’s my transmission on my car.  The bad news is I won’t know anything until thursday.  I’ll keep you posted as I know you are all just DYING to know about my car.  LOL! 

Okay, todays J a day is a bit odd but colorful.  I couldn’t decide what color I wanted to fill the page with so I decided to leave it white.  This piece doesn’t feel finished to me, but I don’t think I will return to it.  I’m calling this one jumbled up J.

J11 Jumbled up J

Remember this canvas fail? 


I am happy to say that she and I reached a mutual happy place and she’s finished!  I’m very happy with the way she turned out. 

Altered Canvas Mixed Media

There is a spirit doll that accompanies this piece but I still have to finish her arms.  As soon as she is finished I’ll let you see the entire design.  I had a lot of fun working on this and I love the friend it’s for so that makes it uber groovy!  🙂  Now I’m dragging my tired butt to bed.  Sweet dreams!  See you tomorrow.

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  1. Beautiful art and thoughts!
    I’m excited to see the spirit doll too!

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