Puppy kisses and a J a day for postaday2011

Hello all of you gorgeous individuals!  It’s so good to see you again.  Today was one of those days where you have big plans and none of them seem to work out.  Then, you turn around and something really cool happens and you forget the little frustrations from earlier in the day. 

This morning I left my house with a full “Ta Da” list to complete.  This list included the bank, post office, pharmacy, office supply store and auto shop.  I get to the bank and I realize they aren’t open because it’s MLK day.  I’m halfway to the post office when it dawns on me that they aren’t going to be open either.  This puts the trip to the pharmacy out of the picture because I can’t go buy meds with no money.  I stop by the office supply store and they don’t have what I ordered because UPS didn’t run all last week because of the ice storm.  Fine, I’ll go to the auto shop.  The guy that works on transmissions isn’t there today.  Lovely.  I find out that one of my friends future mother in law is in the hospital.   So basically I spent the day running around and getting absolutely nothing accomplished. 

I got home and checked email and then worked on my art.  I’m happy to say that I finally finished the altered art canvas that had tested my patience with her insistance on wrinkling.  I’ll take a picture and post it before I send her on her way to the recipient. 

I took Maddison the wonder dog out for a walk and when we came back inside she started whining.  I gave her a cookie and she just dropped it on the floor and looked at me.  I asked, as any good puppy mommy would “What?”  She jumped up on me and pushed me backwards.  I laughed at her and sat on the sofa.  She began to shower me with puppy kisses.  I am constantly amazed at how our animal can read us.  This dog knows my moods and she is such a nurturer.  I love her so very much.  I was telling her that she is the sunshine in my days and the rainbow too!  And voila’ there was the inspiration for todays J.  Now I’ve got 1o or more ideas for rainbows.  God help me!  LOL  So here is todays J for the day.  Have a good night and give somebody you love a hug.  More tomorrow.

J10 Rainbow J a day


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