J a day In the Fire and irony

Hello Beautiful People!  Today was a good day for me.  I got alot done and even had a couple of good ideas for new art projects.  I finally got my poem onto the canvas and I’ll be posting pics of that piece when it’s finished. 

The funny thing that happened today was a bit of irony that made me laugh.   Todays J is a picture of a J (that would be representative of me) in a fire.  I was thinking today about how when you put certain metals to the flame that they turn this beautiful blue color.  So I drew that.  It was a quick drawing, which happens for me sometimes when I’m in the zone so to speak. 

The irony is that I received an email from a friend this evening talking about standing in the fire.  I love the way the universe throws curve balls my way sometimes.  So here is todays post and todays J.  Thanks for looking!

J9 In the Fire


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