J a day Time and Insomnia

Todays J a day is a nod to my insomnia.  It seems my sleep disorder is flaring up again.  It’s something I’ve learned to live with and learned to deal with.  However it does seem to rear its ugly head at the most inopportune times.  Last night it kept me up way past midnight and I had to be up at 5:30 for work.  Good times.  LOL

On the positive side of things, it made for what I think is a fairly groovy J for the day.  I also had a good day at work.  After work I went to the grocery store to restock the pantry.  It seems like everyone in the city of Atlanta was at the store.  The Falcons were in the playoffs tonight.  They played Green Bay.  We got stomped.  The positive side of that is that I’m not a huge sports fan (UGA football being the exception to the rule.  GOOOO DAWGS!  SIC EM!  WOOF WOOF WOOF! ) so I was basically unphased by this loss.  The other positive thing is that I’m actually sleepy tonight and I expect to sleep well.  I’m loving my J’s as I create them.  I’m also reconnecting with that part of myself that had gotten away from making art everyday.  Let’s be honest, these J’s aren’t fine art but they are art nonetheless and an excellent exercise in consistency for me.  I need that right now.  So here is todays J.  Peace, Love and Happiness to you all.

J8 Insomnia J


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